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Animal Facility Equipment

SAO (Lotus PRO) Aqueous Ozone Generator
Aqueous Ozone Generator Replacement Cartridges
Hygeia Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle
Protexus Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer
Protexus Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer
Karcher Floor Scrubbers
Karcher Floor Scrubber Accessories
Karcher Artificial Turf/Carpet Extractor
Karcher Veterinary-Grade Disinfectant Mister
ENCORE Professional Washers & Dryers
Lafferty Mixing Stations
Lafferty Mobile Cart
Hygiena EnSURE Touch ATP Meter
Ultrasnap ATP Test Swabs for Hygiena EnSURE
HydroClean II Dispenser
Alpha HydroDRAIN
Airless Foamer/Sprayer Kit
Hydro Satellite Sprayer for OdorPet/KennelSol
Hydro Satellite Bucket Filler
Wysiwash Sanitizing System
First Aid Kit

Covid-19 Equipment

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispense - refillable
Sine Visitor Tracking
986 Labs Temperature Kiosk

Pumps / Containers

Gallon Bottle Pump - 1 oz per pump
2 1/2 Gallon Bottle Pump - 1 oz per pump
5 Gallon Pail Pump - 1 oz per pump
Pail Opener
15 & 30 Gallon Drum Pump
55 Gallon Drum Pump
Drum Wrench
Drum Dolly with Bung Wrench
Drum Drip Containment Pallets
Safety Measure Kit
Hose Kit and Anti-Siphon Valve
Blue Sprayer Top for 32 oz printed spray bottle
Red Sprayer Top for 32 oz printed spray bottle
KennelSol 32 oz empty Labeled Spray Bottles 6/case
OdorPet 32 oz empty Labeled Spray Bottles 6/case
Combination 32 oz empty Labeled Spray Bottles 6/case
First Aid Kit

How To Optimally Sanitize a Veterinary or Other Animal Care Facility

See how your animal facility ranks in sanitation (Assessment Tool)

Veterinary & Animal Facility Equipment Financing and Leasing

All-Lines Leasing
Direct Capital Leasing

Regular cleaning and maintenance of pet care facilities and animal hospitals promote good health in pets and animals. Veterinary products which include vet cleaning products, cleaning tools and cleaning equipment can help to keep the dog kennels, pet care facilities and animal homes free from dust, germs and other bacteria. Pets and animals are highly sensitive, and even a slight amount of harsh chemicals in cleaning products can cause allergies and infections. Eco-friendly veterinary products free from harsh chemicals can prove beneficial for both pets and the environment.

Whether you operate a dog kennel, veterinary clinic, zoo, or pet shop, Alpha Tech Pet can provide you eco-friendly veterinary cleaning products that are free from harsh chemicals. We supply a wide range of pet disinfectants and sanitizers as well as other veterinary cleaning products which to clean your facility. By cleaning dust and dirt, you are killing germs and bacteria, and preventing the spread of contaminants. All of these products are part of our solutions to bring you high quality sanitation products. Check out our extensive selection of veterinary products and protocols to maintain cleanliness of your facility and the hygiene of pets.