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Stericide Surface Disinfectant

SteriCide RTU Surface Sterilizer

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    About This Item


    SteriCide® RTU

    Surface Disinfectant, Hard Surface Sanitizer & Sterilizer

    SteriCide is an easy-to-use hard surface sanitizer, EPA registered and engineered as a cleaner, veterinary disinfectant, deodorizer, fungicide and sporicidal sterilant on non-porous surfaces in commercial, veterinary, and medical environments. Our hard surface disinfectant transcends your sanitation program to professional levels.

    Comprised of oxidative chemistries peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, SteriCide is a rapid and effective sterilant and surface disinfectant even in the presence of heavy bioburden. Our patent-pending formula keeps surfaces moist for 20 minutes to deliver chemistry for effective sterilization claims.

    Feature Benefit
    Oxidative Chemistry
    ( PA + H2O2)
    Rapid, effective microbial kill, even in the presence of heavy bioburden
    pH 4.0-5.0 Relatively neutral pH is gentle on your infrastructure
    Biodegradable Breaks down into oxygen, water and carbon dioxide
    20-minute Sporicidal Claims Deliver a sterile device in 20 minutes to the site of care
    Fragrance Pleasant peppermint fragrance

    SteriCide cuts through germ hiding soils where bacteria thrive while sterilizing as it cleans. SteriCide is the only grime cutting, hard surface sanitizer, surface disinfectant and sterilizing product on the market today. Plus, SteriCide has been specially formulated to protect stainless steel and other surfaces from corrosion.

    Yes, you can be 100% sure that you have a product that has demonstrated efficacy against infectious microorganisms for hospitals, animal care facilities and other commercial industries. SteriCide can be used as a hard surface sanitizer to sterilize diagnostic and surgical devices, surgical tables, animal cages, procedure room countertops, walls, floors and ceilings to kill all microorganisms in an earth-friendly formula.

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    SteriCide Quart Label
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    Kills 99.9999% of major viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens in seconds to minutes; with complete kill (sterilization) of all forms of microbial life in 20 minutes