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Alpha Bio-Drain Odor Eliminator, Cleaner, and Maintainer

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    Alpha Bio-Drain™ Odor Eliminator Cleaner and Maintainer

    Ecologically Safe Enzymatic Cleaner and Drain Odor Eliminator

    Alpha Bio-Drain is the most powerful biological, clog-relieving drain and septic system product available for business and home use today. Our biodegradable and enzymatic drain odor eliminator is perfect for veterinary clinics and animal care facilities to clean drains and remove odors. Alpha Bio-Drain is an industrial drain cleaner that works within minutes to eliminate odors and then continues working for days to open drains and maintain flow. Alpha Bio-Drain is also totally organic, super safe to use around pets and humans, and environmentally friendly. No more harsh chemicals going down your drains and into your septic or sewage systems.

    Drain Cleaner for Commercial & Industrial Drains

    To use as a commercial drain cleaner and drain odor eliminator, just add two ounces directly down your drain then wait overnight. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use and how effective it is eliminating drain odor. Plus, it is an enzymatic drain cleaner, so it also continues to work hard at keeping your drains flowing smoothly and smelling fresh. Alpha Bio-Drain works in all shower drains, kitchen and bathroom sinks, garbage disposals, floor drains and more. Perfect to use in grooming shops, animal care facilities, kennels, doggie day cares and offices.

    Features Benefits
    pH Neutral Safe on pipes and stainless steel
    Long Lasting Enzymes continue working for days
    Septic Safe Biodegradable. No harsh chemicals
    Veterinarian Approved Enzymatic drain cleaner formulated and approved by veterinarians for animal care specialists
    Easy to Use Saves time and money. Just pour and walk away. The perfect industrial drain cleaner

    The Science of Alpha Bio-Drain

    Using an innovative microbial technology, Alpha Bio-Drain is composed of a combination of billions of aggressive, naturally occurring enzyme-producing bacteria, a unique grease cutting surfactant, and a fortified enzyme system that liquefies waste and keeps drains flowing, clear, and odor free. It ensures the rapid breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose (hair), and fats (grease).

    BioDrain Label
    BioDrain SDS
    BioDrain SB 258

    Alpha Bio-Drain will help to safely maintain drains and waste systems when disinfectants are routinely used for cleaning

    Shake well before using. Alpha Bio-Drain works best when allowed to work uninterrupted. Whenever possible, run warm water through the drain for one minute prior to application. For clogged and slow running drains, add six (6) ounces of product directly into the drain opening. Add one cup of warm water into the drain to activate product. For maximum performance, let product work overnight. To maintain drains and keep them free-flowing, run warm water into drain opening then add two (2) ounces of product to each drain every two weeks. For maximum performance, let product work overnight. For garbage disposals combine four (4) ounces of product with one cup of warm water. Turn on the disposal, add solution. Turn off unit and do not use for at least two hours.