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OdorPet Concentrate Stain and Pet Odor Remover

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    OdorPet® Concentrate Stain and Pet Odor Remover

    Professional Strength Stain and Pet Odor Eliminator for Carpets, Floors and Surfaces

    OdorPet Concentrate is our industrial strength stain and pet odor eliminator that removes all the smells and stains pets leave behind. OdorPet Concentrate is perfect for our spray bottle refills, mixing in mopping buckets, or for use in your professional carpet cleaning machine. Our unique, bio-active formula is a commercial grade carpet shampoo and floor cleaner used in businesses with heavy traffic, dirty carpets, greasy porous and non-porous surfaces including hard wood and linoleum. Used by pet resorts, kennels and rescues across America, our industrial pet odor remover uses bio-enzymes to break down odor-causing debris into harmless CO2 and water.

    OdorPet Concentrate is veterinarian approved and kennel tested as a professional strength urine enzyme pet stain carpet cleaner, formulated for animal care specialists, as well as businesses with the toughest odor and stain situations.OdorPet Concentrate eliminates odors and stains from dog and cat urine, bird urates, protein, animal body fat, blood, mucus, and feces in cages, dog runs, drains, trash receptacles, hard floors, furniture, and fabrics.

    • Bio-active formulation for immediate, intermediate and long-term action
    • Great for use in carpet extractors
    • Safe on upholstery
    • Great on artificial turf, pea gravel and wood chips
    • Environmentally safe & biodegradable
    • Lavender or Black Cherry scent
    Features Benefits
    pH Neutral Non-corrosive and non-staining to surfaces, carpet, fabrics and clothing
    Breaks down organic debris Great for urine, feces, animal body fat buildups, blood, mucus, and bird urates
    Green Microbial components clean and break-down debris to CO2 & water
    Veterinarian Approved Formulated and approved by veterinarians and animal care specialists
    Easy to Use Remove debris then spray and let dry

    The Science of OdorPet Concentrate

    OdorPet Concentrate's pet odor eliminator is a bio-active formula of stabilized bacterial spores that produce additional enzymes in the presence of organic animal debris. Proprietary components encapsulate odor producing substrates, then free them for action by special strains of microbial components. Microbial components then clean and break-down debris to CO2 & water (400+ billion microbes per gallon of diluted solution). These microbes remain optimally effective in temperature ranges between 500-1200 F, and in near neutral pH ranges of 5-9.

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    OdorPet's bio-active formulation of stabilized bacterial spores produce targeted enzymes in the presence of organic animal related debris to knock out odors completely.

    For pet messes anywhere

    1. Shake before using
    2. Mix 1 part OdorPet Concentrate with 4 parts lukewarm water around 70°F (about 1 quart of concentrate to a gallon of water)
    3. Apply to soiled area. Scrub stained area with cloth or brush depending on the surface type and severity of the stain. For carpet messes, make sure to saturate the area with OdorPet so the solution will reach the lowest point where the odor-causing debris is located (i.e. if urine saturates all the way down to your carpet pad and subfloor, OdorPet Concentrate must reach that point. OdorPet Concentrate will only work if it reaches the source of the odor causing debris).
    4. For optimal use on heavily soiled areas apply solution and allow to air dry over a 4-hour period prior to disinfecting.
    5. Repeat as needed

    Q. Can I use OdorPet Concentrate with a disinfectant?

    A. Use OdorPet Concentrate after the applied disinfectant has completely dried. Disinfectant will neutralize the active ingredients in OdorPet. We recommend using it at the end of the day after you have cleaned and disinfected your surfaces, and letting it sit overnight.

    Q. I just used OdorPet Concentrate and the stain is still there?

    A. OdorPet Concentrate’s bio-enzymes will continue to break down stains long after it has been applied. If the stain doesn’t disappear immediately check back the next day.

    Q. Can I spray OdorPet Concentrate on my pet?

    A. No. OdorPet Concentrate is not made for cleaning pets. For cleaning your dog, we recommend using our PetSuds probiotic dog shampoo.

    Q. Can I use OdorPet Concentrate with pets in the room?

    A. Yes

    Q. Can I use OdorPet Concentrate on turf?

    A. Yes. OdorPet Concentrate works great on turf and pea gravel. It has a neutral pH so you can use it anywhere odors may linger.

    Q. Will OdorPet Concentrate work in the laundry to remove odors?

    A. OdorPet will be diluted in the laundry so it will lose its effectiveness. For laundry stains and odors, we recommend using LaundraPet. You can, however, use OdorPet as a pre-treatment for stains on fabrics before they go in the laundry by spraying the affected area thoroughly and allowing it to sit for at least an hour before washing.

    Q. Will the odor come back if my dog pees or poops in the same spot?

    A. OdorPet Concentrate’s bio-enzymes will reactivate in the presence of new organic debris and continue to eat away at the odor.

    Q. Why do I have to add so much OdorPet Concentrate to water?

    A. To get the job done, an adequate amount of enzymes need to be present. If you under-dilute OdorPet Concentrate, it won’t be effective and thus the stains and odors will remain.

    Relative to the growth of microorganisms on cat urine (which is much stronger and concentrated than dog urine), the graph below shows the ability of the proprietary microbial complex found in OdorPet® (Freshen Plus) to grow on cat urine. This growth study was completed using a kinetic plate reader and 96 well BDOBS (Becton Dickinson Oxygen Biosensor System) plates. BDOBS plates have a hydrophobic gel with a fluorescent dye that is quenched in the presence of oxygen. As oxygen is utilized during microbial growth (which happens when the microbial population feeds on its substrate) the dye fluoresces and is an indication of growth on the substrate being tested. The graph flat-lines at the top indicating the maximum fluorescence obtainable. Clearly there is a short lag time, followed by rapid growth and then a plateau (max fluorescence) as the substrate is being consumed.

    The basic byproducts of bacterial aerobic respiration (growth in the presence of oxygen) are carbon dioxide and water along with biomass. This is well known to microbiologists and can be found in microbiological textbooks and literature therefore it is not something we would test for in the lab. In addition this type of technology is widely employed throughout waste management facilities around the world in onsite bioreactors and is commonly recognized and employed as an essential step in waste degradation.

    cat urine  odorpet spores graph

    This simple study demonstrates efficacy of OdorPet’s biological activity on cat urine, which is only one of a number of waste product substrates the proprietary microbial complex utilized in OdorPet is effective upon.

    © Alpha Tech Pet, Inc. 2012

    Microbial Biologics - Microorganisms in Waste Degradation

    A microbial biological product is a formulation that includes one or more living beneficial microorganisms and is used for a wide variety of environmentally beneficial tasks such as waste treatment, cleaning, and odor control.

    Microorganisms (such as bacteria or fungi) are naturally occurring, are ubiquitous (found everywhere) and are necessary for our environment to function. At a very fundamental level, these microorganisms are harmless to humans, animals, and the environment. Clearly, there are several pathogenic bacteria that present a public health risk (e.g. MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella, etc.) but, it’s easy to forget that most microorganisms are beneficial and are necessary for survival. It is estimated that, there are between 500 and 1,000 different species of bacteria in and on your body, each hard at work digesting your breakfast, producing vitamins required to keep you healthy, and boosting your immune system to help stave off illness. This is the definition of a symbiotic relationship; beneficial microorganisms thrive off the organics that our bodies produce as waste by-products and in return provide vital vitamins and nutrients along with performing necessary functions that keep all of us happy and healthy.

    Beyond our own bodies, beneficial microorganisms are also hard at work maintaining the critical cycles of life in nature. They break down organic materials (e.g. compost pile), help plants grow and thrive, and some even degrade toxic chemicals. As we have come to understand the great power of microorganisms, scientists have discovered ways to harness the talents of these beneficial microorganisms to do things like ferment wine, break down man-made waste, and enhance the effectiveness of cleaning and odor control products. The inclusion of beneficial microorganisms in many of the food and other consumer products which we use on a daily basis has been growing significantly. An excellent example of this is the use of microorganisms in foods such as yogurt, salami, cheese, and many others. Because of these inherent abilities, various microbial biologic populations have been selectively cultured for many years now for use in waste degradation facilities around the world.

    Microbial biological products that contain beneficial microorganisms are safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

    Some of the benefits of microbial biological products:

    Better stain removal
    Waste degradation
    Odor control
    Deep cleaning
    Grease removal
    Drain and grease trap maintenance
    Septic system maintenance
    Increased fabric whiteness
    Pest control

    Microbial biological products are an effective and sustainable option for a wide variety of applications and are safe for you and the environment.

    © Alpha Tech Pet, Inc. 2012