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OdorPet stain and odor remover

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    OdorPet® Concentrate

    The Best Industrial Pet Odor and Stain Remover for Carpets, Floors and Surfaces

    You need an industrial pet odor remover to get rid of pet stains and smells. Our OdorPet Concentrate stain and pet odor remover is organic, biodegradable and perfect for our spray bottle refills or as a pet stain carpet cleaner. Our unique, bio-active formula is a commercial grade carpet shampoo and floor cleaner used in businesses with heavy traffic, dirty carpets, greasy porous and non-porous surfaces including hard wood and linoleum. Used by pet resorts, kennels and rescues across America, our industrial pet odor remover uses bio-enzymes to break down odor-causing debris into harmless CO2 and water.

    OdorPet Concentrate is the best pet stain remover for carpets and has a near neutral pH so it can be used on all surfaces attacking the smell and stain at the source. OdorPet Concentrate is veterinarian approved and kennel tested as a professional strength urine enzyme pet stain carpet cleaner, formulated for animal care specialists, as well as businesses with the toughest odor and stain situations.

    Features Benefits
    pH Neutral Non-corrosive and non-staining to surfaces, carpet, fabrics and clothing
    Green Microbial components clean and break-down debris to CO2 & water
    Veterinarian Approved Formulated and approved by veterinarians and animal care specialists
    Easy to Use Remove debris then spray and let dry

    We say OdorPet Concentrate is the best pet stain remover for carpets and all surfaces because it eliminates odors and stains from dog and cat urine, bird urates, protein, animal body fat, blood, mucus, and feces in cages, dog runs, drains, trash receptacles, hard floors, furniture, and fabrics. Use it to refill your OdorPet spray bottles, mix in buckets for mopping or use in your professional carpet cleaning machine.

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    OdorPet's bio-active formulation of stabilized bacterial spores produce targeted enzymes in the presence of organic animal related debris to knock out odors completely.