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Select Items Now Available for Pet and Home Owners

Alpha Tech Pet now offers the most trusted, easiest to use, industrial strength cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing GREEN solutions for the home!

Since 1989 Alpha Tech Pet has been the most trusted sanitation provider in the animal care industry. Our easy-to-use, earth-friendly, industrial strength cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizers permanently remove pet stains and odors while they clean. Our green science & technology, veterinarian formulated products- made for the toughest environments like animal hospitals and kennels- are now available for pet owners on!


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OdorPet® Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray

"I tried everything to get rid of urine stains and smell. Nothing in the pet stores worked. I had a friend swear by OdorPet and I am hooked. It was amazingly effective." - Gary M.

Nothing works better at permanently eliminating odors and stains than OdorPet Spray. We guarantee it. OdorPet Spray is our ready to use, organic odor remover, stain remover and cleaner that can be used on all surfaces and fabrics. Our powerful bio-enzymatic, veterinarian formula breaks down stains and odor-causing compounds, transforming them into a colorless, odorless solution of CO2 and water. It’s that safe!

OdorPet is biodegradable and excellent on carpet, upholstery, bathrooms, floors, concrete, metal, plastic and wood to eliminate odors and stains from urine, feces, fat buildup, blood, and mucus. It can even remove red wine and tomato sauce from all carpet colors!

It is so powerful that it only takes two ounces of diluted solution to break down one gallon of urine. OdorPet is safe around animals and kids and is so easy to use- just spray and walk away. Even in litterboxes and bird cages!

  • Non-staining/non-bleaching formula
  • Removes pet dander allergens
  • Neutral pH safe
  • Bioactive formulation for immediate, intermediate and long-term action
  • Proprietary solution captures odors, then our biodegradable microbes permanently eliminate them

Designed for the pet industry,
PERFECT for your home!


odorpet 16oz cherry OdorPet® RTU 16 oz - Black Cherry or Lavender


OdorPet® Professional Carpet Machine Shampoo Concentrate

"OdorPet Concentrate is the absolute BEST! I purchased OdorPet at the Groom Expo and I used it at work and at home with my carpet cleaner. WOW the entire room is so fresh, so clean. I just want to roll around on the floor haha!" - Kelly

Designed for tough carpet problems in veterinary hospitals and kennels, OdorPet Concentrate is a professional strength carpet machine shampoo guaranteed to tackle your issues at home. OdorPet Concentrate is bio-enzymatic formula that eliminates the stingiest of odors and stains caused by pets, children and adults! Easily remove urine, feces, grease, blood, mucus, even tomato sauce and red wine stains from all carpet colors!

OdorPet Concentrate is also organic, biodegradable and earth-friendly so it is safe for pets and humans and great for any carpet machine. Our professional, veterinarian solution deep cleans and cleanses every fiber by breaking down debris and odor-causing compounds then transforms them into a colorless, odorless mixture of CO2 and water. It’s that safe!

  • Removes pet dander allergens
  • Non-staining/non-bleaching formula
  • Neutral pH safe
  • Bioactive formulation for immediate, intermediate and long-term action
  • Proprietary solution captures odors, then our biodegradable microbes permanently eliminate them

Designed for the pet industry,
PERFECT for your home!


odorpet 64oz cherry OdorPet® Concentrate 64 oz - Black Cherry or Lavender


PetSuds® Probiotic Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

"My groomers love this shampoo! The suds are amazing, it cleans well and rinses so easily. It's the only shampoo we will use" - Lake Farm Boarding Kennels

PetSuds is the only patented, veterinarian formulated, probiotic shampoo and conditioner for dogs. PetSuds Probiotic easily deep cleans and moisturizes the dog's coat with a wonderfully calming lavender scent that promotes healing of hotspots, skin allergies and dry oily or irritated skin.

But, unlike any other dog shampoo or conditioner, PetSuds Probiotic goes to work on the digestive system. As your dog grooms he is actually ingesting microorganisms that increase antibodies that promotes digestive health. Plus, PetSuds comes in a 10 to 1 concentrate so it will lather up like you won't believe.

  • pH-balanced, hypoallergenic formula
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat and improved digestion
  • Made with tea tree, geranium, cedarwood and lavender oils to soothe and rebalance skin

Designed for the pet industry,
PERFECT for your home!


PetSuds 16oz PetSuds® 16 oz - Lavender


LaundraPet® Triple-Strength Green Laundry Detergent

"I washed our pet store bedding and towels with LaudraPet and did the smell test: I was shocked. NO SMELL!!! Not even a hint of leftover stench. LaundraPet is wonderful!" - Pawz & Clawz

LaundraPet is a triple strength, EPA green standard, industrial pet laundry detergent that is now available for the home. Designed to be environmentally safe (using the purest cleaning ingredients available) LaundraPet has more cleaning power than conventional laundry detergents. It will effectively remove tough animal odors and heavy soils from washable garments and textiles leaving them soft and smelling fresh!

LaundraPet is easy to use and will save money, as well. Only one ounce per load for high-efficiency washers and two ounces for regular machines is needed and it is effective in any water temperature. You can also use LaundraPet to keep your professional clothing (scrubs, uniforms, and grooming apparel) stain and odor free.

  • Biodegradable, earth-friendly
  • Up to 96 washes
  • 3X concentrate
  • For all your laundry needs

Designed for the pet industry,
PERFECT for your home!


laundrapet 64oz LaundraPet® 64 oz bottle


PX550® Instant Pet Urine & Odor Eliminator Spray

"I was at your groomers show demo. You used bobcat urine (which is DISGUSTING). In two seconds PX550 eliminated the odor. I just love this stuff!" - Terry D.

We guarantee that nothing like our PX550 odor eliminator exists in the marketplace. PX550 instantly and permanently eliminates all nitrogen-based odors from pet urine, litterboxes, fecal debris, ammonia, spoiled food, garbage cans and more. Plus, it is unscented, non-toxic, ready to use and made of 100% bio renewable, food edible ingredients. It is so safe you can spray it in your mouth!

Veterinarian strength PX550 is also very easy to use- just spray and walk away with no need to wait. Odors are gone in an instant even in non-traditional items like gym bags, laundry hampers, shoes… use your imagination on all the places you can make odors go away!

  • Fabric safe
  • No unwanted fragrances
  • Non-toxic and earth-friendly

Designed for the pet industry,
PERFECT for your home!


px550 16oz PX550® 16 oz bottle


SkunkAway® Instant Skunk Odor Remover

"I'm a groomer and got SkunkAway shampoo at a grooming seminar and it was the best product EVER for dogs that got skunked. It definitely works! I love it and I’ve been buying since then" - Ursula S.

SkunkAway, with Neutralization Factor-7, is guaranteed to be the best instant skunk odor remover available to the public. Through our proprietary chain reaction, SkunkAway disassembles the odor and reassembles it into a new odor-free matrix. It completely and permanently eliminates odor from your pet even after getting wet again! It also removes lingering odor from secondary surfaces such as car seats, camping/hunting gear, carpets and clothing.

SkunkAway is so easy to use: Just add water, spray your pet or infected area and the odor magically disappears. Let it dry with no rinsing and the odor will not return.

  • Water-activated collapsible trigger spray bottle
  • Permanently remove skunk odors
  • Brings back your pet’s fresh smelling coat

Designed for the pet industry,
PERFECT for your home!


px550 16oz SkunkAway® spray bottle


Alpha Bio-Drain® Odor Remover & Cleaner

"I was using a competitive product but tried BioDrain. I'm glad I did. It's doing a better job and is also cheaper so making the whole proposition more affordable. Great product!" - Julie D.

Alpha Bio-Drain is the perfect enzymatic, biodegradable, odor remover for drains and garbage disposals. Alpha Bio-Drain acts within minutes to eliminate odors, then continues working for days to open drains and maintain flow by ensuring the rapid breakdown of all the yucky stuff: grease, hair, dirt garbage, and the like.

Alpha Bio-Drain works in all shower drains, kitchen and bathroom sinks, garbage disposals and is so easy to use- just add two ounces directly down the drain then wait overnight. You will be amazed. Why wait until your drain is completely clogged and need to buy a harsh chemical clog buster when you can keep your drains from ever needing one?

Please note that alpha bio drain is not designed to remove a totally clogged drain, but when used every two weeks is excellent at keeping drains flowing and smelling fresh.

  • • Safely maintain drain flow and eliminate odors
  • Totally organic, biodegradable, safe
  • Keep flowing drains flowing and smelling fresh
  • Bio enzymatic formula

Designed for the pet industry,
PERFECT for your home!


alpha bio-drain Alpha Bio-Drain® 1/2 gallon bottle