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PX550 odor remover
  • PX550 odor remover
  • PX550 Spray Bottle

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    Pet Urine Remover

    PX550 Instant Urine Odor Eliminator & Pet Urine Cleaner

    PX550® is our easy-to-use instant pet urine odor remover spray. Our eco-friendly urine odor eliminator is fragrance free, biodegradable, non-toxic, and veterinarian approved. We guarantee that nothing like PX550® pet urine odor remover exists in the marketplace.

    PX550® instantly and permanently eliminates all nitrogen-based odors from pet urine, litterboxes, fecal debris, ammonia, spoiled food and more. Plus, PX550® is unscented, ready to use and made of 100% bio renewable, food edible ingredients making it the perfect pet urine cleaner.

    Features Benefits
    Fragrance-free, fabric safe Won’t harm fabrics or cover up odors- eliminates odors completely
    Green urine odor remover USDA bio-preferred, 100% food-edible ingredients are safe for pets and people
    Veterinarian Approved Formulated and approved by veterinarians and animal care specialists
    Easy to Use Just shake, spray and walk away making it an easy pet urine odor remover

    PX550® pet urine remover works through a chemical reaction that dissembles odors at the source and instantly destroying offensive odor molecules on contact. Now you can easily eliminate any nitrogen-based odor, including cat urine, with our ultimate urine odor remover. PX550® is listed by the FDA and FEMA as being GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). Works on non-traditional items like gym bags, laundry hampers, garbage cans, shoes… use your imagination on all the places you can make odors go away!

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    100% of ingredients are food-edible, and listed by the FDA under 21CFR-172.510 and FEMA 3121 as being GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe)

    Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:
    New Jersey

    Good Product

    I have been purchasing from this company for quite some time. I have a lot of confidence in their products to do the job that the products were meant to do.

    I find that their products live up to their advertising.

    You can't go wrong purchasing products from this company. Their customer service is excellent. I received a shipment of several bottles of product. One bottle had opened and the contents of the one bottle was empty. I took pictures of the box and the bottle and sent it to customer service. Within one week I received a replacement product. You know if their customer service is excellent then you know that the company will stand behind their products.


    Product Works!

    We run a dog Camp and boarding facility. PX500 really does work and that is why we are re ordering.

    This stuff really works!

    I sprayed this in my cat’s litter box. Immediately got rid of the nasty urine smell. I highly recommend it!

    Frederick, MD


    This product works. I sprayed it on a dog bed that had set overnight with urine on it and I sprayed it and the odor was gone. I will continue to use this and recommend it.

    I absolutely love this product. The odor is eliminated immediately. Definitely recommend it.