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Assess Your Animal / Pet Care Sanitation Program

See how your sanitation program ranks in being able to keep your facility in top form and ensure your guests, animals and pets have a healthy environment.

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Ranking Must Haves in Your Cleaning System Recommended Sanitation Program Products

Recommended for a basic sanitation program

Big D’s of your facility:
HSD - Hard Surface Disinfectant / Cleaners KennelSol for cleaning and disinfecting
Degreasers Orange Citrus Degreaser for heavy duty cleaning
Deodorizers OdorPet and PX550 for cleaning pet messes and for pet odor and urine elimination
Drain Maintenance Alpha Bio-Drain for drain maintenance

To take your sanitation program to the next level, add the following items

"Big Gun" for disease outbreaks / control - It's the nuclear bomb for control when needed
HLD/S - Higher level disinfection / sterilizer Stericide, Trifectant

To take your sanitation program to the next level, add the following items

Air, Hand and Cleaning Aids
Air Purification StayFresh APS a chlorine dioxide treatment of air handlers and facility air, plasma flow technology, and ultraviolet light
Touchless Hand Sanitizers Hand Sanitizers
Microfiber cleaning products color coded for areas of use (RED for isolation areas, BLUE for general cleaning, etc.) Microfiber Mops & Cloths

To take your sanitation program to the next level, add the following items

Surface Saturation & Green…
Electrostatic Sprayers - This is a spray technology that electrostatically charges particles so that they go around surfaces that are not in the direct line of the spray for better overall surface saturation of the entire surface (all sides) of areas being treated – areas often overlooked because they are hard to get at, etc. ByoPlanet Electrostatic Spray Applicators
Aqueous Ozone - This is ozonated water – it’s 50% more powerful than bleach and kills micro-organisms 3000 times faster – and it breaks down into nothing more than water and oxygen – that’s about as safe as you can ask for. Hygeia handheld liquid Ozone Sprayer,
SAO Dispenser (Lotus PRO Aqueous Ozone)

To take your sanitation program to the next level, add the following items

High Tech
Low Pressure Low Flow - LP Applicators These spray applicators do not aerosolize particles and microbes like seen with high pressure sprayers / pressure washers. In other words, you don’t want to spread microbes by blasting them into the air. LPLFs like these, Karcher Veterinary-Grade Sprayer/Mister
Industrial Equipment - These last much longer, so you buy machines less frequently – Lasts 3 times longer than residential units at 40-hour per week duty cycles – 15,000+ cycle machine life ENCORE washers and dryers, Also commercial scrubbers like Karcher Floor Scrubbers, Karcher Armada Turf Grass Scrubber
ATP Testing for Organic Debris - This tells you how clean your surfaces are, and how well your staff is doing at their job. Remember, cleaning is upwards of 90% of the battle of disease control. Hygiena ATP Testing

Why People Recommend Alpha Tech Pet

"We are just in love with your products at Alpha Tech Pet. We have been using the KennelSol as the disinfectant and it has been wonderful in our facility."

"I discovered OdorPet at my local Vet where the people there raved about it. My dog is very "accident" prone and cleaning up after her had become quite a chore. With OdorPet I just spray it liberally on the affected area and that's it. It takes away the odor immediately and does not leave a stain when it dries."

"LA Dogworks has been recognized as one of the best dog care centers in the world and Alpha Tech Pet products are a big part of that success. The only products we use to sanitize and control odor are from Alpha Tech Pet. KennelSol and OdorPet are by far the industries best products for their ease of use and reliability. In my professional opinion there is really no other choice for proper dog care."

We are here to answer your questions

Contact Alpha Tech Pet at any time. We are proud to share our 30 years of expertise in pet care, veterinary facility management to help you establish a sanitation program tailored specifically for your needs. We understand your need to have a sanitation program that’s environmentally sensitive, superior in its cleaning and disinfecting ability, and maintains the highest standards of safety for animals under your care and for your employees.