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OdorPet® Ready-to-Use Formulation

An odor counteractant and cleaner for pet messes anywhere! An outstanding pet odor eliminator. Ideal for cleaning up pet messes. OdorPet is totally organic, biodegradable and has a near neutral pH so it can be used on all surfaces as frequently as needed. Its bio-active formulation of stabilized bacterial spores produces enzymes in the presence of organic animal debris. Just spray this ready-to-use pet odor eliminating formula and leave it on surfaces, allowing it to air dry. OdorPet goes to work to break down the debris immediately and over time reduce it to a solution of CO2 and water to eliminate the source of the odor. The ready to use formulation is an effective dog and cat odor eliminator as it removes all odor. This odor eliminator is an effective carpet stain remover, can be used in cat litter boxes to control odor, and can be used to clean bird cages and small animal housing. OdorPet is available in a pleasant and popular black cherry scent, or in a lavender scent. Available in 16 oz. spray bottles and 4 oz. bottles.

OdorPet® Concentrate

The same bio-active formulation as in our ready-to-use product is now available for greater economy in a pet odor eliminating concentrate for use in animal care facilities. OdorPet is effective in the removal of urine, protein, blood, mucus, and feces. The concentrate formula works great as a cat odor eliminator as it neutralizes the odor causing material so that the cat urine residue does not produce odor anymore. Use it to clean and eliminate pet odor in cages, runs, drains, trash receptacles and on floors. Great as a pet cleaner for lab counter tops, towels and scrubs. It is especially effective for breaking down odor producing animal debris on inside and outside play areas of artificial turf and pea gravel. Use on any hard to clean surfaces and where animal debris can build up such as cage doors and fencing, concrete walls and runs and rubber floor matting. The pet odor eliminator Odorpet can be mixed and conveniently applied in a tank sprayer, hose-end dilutor (available) and safely in our Alpha Hydro Maid II. Pleasant black cherry and lavender scents. Available in 1/2 gallon, 2 1/2 gallon, 5-gallon pails, 30 gallon and 55-gallon drums. Also available unscented by special order.

OdorPet® Features and Benefits

  • Bioactive pet odor eliminator formulation for immediate, intermediate and long-term action
  • Proprietary components encapsulate odor producing substrates, then free them for action by special strains of microbial components
  • Microbial components then clean and break-down debris to CO2 & water (400+ billion microbes per gallon of diluted solution)
  • Microbial components are DNA finger-printed to be sure they are safe non-pathogenic (Class 1) microorganisms, they are then individually fermented ensuring consistency between lot numbers, and then finally combined forming the component strains chosen to be most effective at the substrates they will encounter particular to animal care facilities
  • Totally organic & biodegradable
  • Excellent on urine, feces, animal body fat buildups, blood, mucus, and bird urates
  • The recommended use solution required to breakdown 1 gallon of urine is only 2 ounces of diluted solution
  • Amazing and incredible cleaning capability, makes cleaning easier
  • Remains optimally effective in temperature ranges between 500-1200 F, and pH ranges of 5-9, plus has a near neutral pH
  • Pleasant and popular black cherry fragrance, or lavender fragrance
  • Best cat odor eliminator and dog odor eliminator product available on the market
  • Safe for use around animals
  • Available as a ready-to-use spray as well as in an easy to use concentrated formula. 2 year shelf-life