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Educational Resources

Technical Bulletins

Mysterious Canine Respiratory Illness

The Ideal Disinfectant

What about Quats and Parvo?

Questions and Answers about Ebola and Pets

KennelSol versus Bleach versus Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide

Canine Influenza

CIRDC (Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex - Kennel Cough)

Protecting Equine Facilities and Disinfecting Against Strangles

Helpful Tools

Sanitation Program Assessment Tool

Dilution Formulas

Organism Susceptability Chart

Alpha Tech Pet’s One-Two Punch for Optimal Veterinary Facility Sanitation

Sanitation Protocols

Sanitation Programs

Educational Materials

Education Videos

Product Videos


CBD Videos

Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo Presentation

CBD for ME video series

CBD Terminology

The Science of CBD

Cannabis History

CBD Legal Brief

CBD Resources

Cannabis Terminology 101

Marijuana Toxicosis

RACE program #39430 - CBD (1 CE credit)

Disease Monitoring

pet disease alerts

Pet Disease Alerts is a service that monitors pet diseases and can alert you when there are outbreaks in your area.

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