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For all ongoing routine daily cleaning and sanitation needs

KennelSol Disinfectant is the perfect choice for your daily routine Veterinary Facility cleaning and disinfection needs. KennelSol is a broad spectrum germicidal cleaner, deodorizer and disinfectant formulated for animal care facilities. An abundant level of detergent and odor control makes it an extraordinary cleaner, while its wintergreen fragrance leaves behind a “fresh and clean” scent.

  • Concentrated formula knocks out pathogens in one easy labor saving step
  • Effective against viruses (including canine parvovirus), bacteria, and fungi
  • Retains efficacy even in hard water
  • Neutral pH
  • No rinsing necessary
  • Noncorrosive and nonstaining to surfaces and clothing if spilled
  • KennelSol – 2 oz./gallon of water (9 oz./gallon for ca-nine parvovirus)
  • KennelSol HC – 1/2 oz./gallon of water (2 1/4 oz./gallon for canine parvovirus)
  • Wintergreen fragrance
  • Proven track record with animal care professionals since 1989
  • Available in pints, gallons, 5 gallon pails, 15 gallon drums, 30 gallon drums, and 55 gallon drums
EPA # 62472-1 (see label for complete instructions)


Stericide® RTU

For use once daily to completely sterilize facility surfaces

Stericide is a ready-to-use liquid surface sterilizer that kills all forms of microbial life (including spores) by keeping surfaces moist for 20 minutes to deliver chemistry for effective sterilization claims (exam tables, countertops, cages, and more). This makes Stericide an essential component of an effective sanitation program for reducing disease transmission in animal care facilities.

  • Paracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide combination that sterilizes surfaces in 20 minutes with no rinsing necessary
  • Dries without leaving a residue or film
  • Ready-to-use solution requires no mixing
  • Relatively pH neutral (pH 4.5)
  • Excellent materials compatibility – surfactants and buffers protect stainless steel and other surfaces from corrosion
  • Color fast – Stericide does not bleach colored surfaces
  • Pleasant fragrance - no obnoxious hydrogen peroxide odor
  • Environmentally friendly – breaks down to oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide. When it's dry, it's gone!
  • Just spray surface, walk away, and allow to air dry. As soon as surface is dry it has been fully sterilized (just like an autoclave) and is completely safe for animals and people.
  • We recommend spraying down all critical surfaces at the end of the day, and when you come back in the morning, you know the surfaces have been completely sterilized (wear gloves when spraying to avoid bleach-ing of hands)
EPA # 58300-25 (see label for complete instructions)

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