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Alpha Tech Pet gets letters from customers...

Save A Dog Humane Society Loves Alpha Tech Pet

Hello Alpha Tech,

I just wanted to pass along a huge thank you. We're a large pet boarding resort that averages 145 dogs/day in the summer. It's an amazing facility with 4 different boarding options including individual cottages inside the resort. High end pet boarding. We're booked to capacity during busy seasons and have 100+ on waiting lists for a reservation. Life is good.

I came here to manage in January 2015 and my first 2 Augusts were very > very stressful. Kennel cough, and not just a few expected cases. Way more. We clean like maniacs 24 hours a day and night, open every door for air flow, strict on vaccines, everything we can to minimize spread. But every August, our busiest month, we would have issues. It makes sense: we have a lot of pups come in that month that are doing so for the first time or that is the only time they come in. And that is our fullest occupancy month. More pups, more germs. New pups, new germs. It was an issue before I got here and just kept happening every year. But it made clients very unhappy and did not fit in with who we are and what we want to offer our clients and it was incredibly frustrating to see sick doggos.

Late last year I was introduced to your company by the clinic manager of the vet hospital next door. I called and talked to someone who walked me through the KennelSol APS pods (now StayFresh APS). Answered every question, assured me dogs and people would be safe, said he even had a pod in his basement because he cooked some fish and stunk up the house. I did all my research and ordered the shock and maintenance pods. Amazing.

This August we had 3 cases of dogs with kennel cough and they all came from a puppy that came in with it already and gave it to his friends. That's it. We were in the process of going forward with UV light system installation and we've stopped that. So, thank you a million times over. You help us help so many dogs. Thank you!

Drew House
General Manager
Paws Crossing

We are just in love with your products at Alpha Tech Pet. We have been using the kennelsol as the disinfectant and it has been wonderful in our facility. My absolute favorite product that you have is the shock and the maintenance treatment that you have that we use in our ventilation system. We have been using that to fight our respiratory illnesses and it has made an absolute difference. We have even recommended you to a local SPCA facility and they are now going to be using you at their facility now. Thanks again.

Michelle Farris at Critter Country

I think I’ve solved it!

You were correct, it was the ------. We also use ------ in spray bottles for spot cleaning. For a short time we had switched from ------ to a different cleaner and someone put up a sign saying “1 ounce per spray bottle”, then we switched back to ------ and nobody took the sign down. That means our employees were making spray bottles at over four times the concentration they should be.

I can’t thank you and your team enough for working with me on this. I apologize for involving you and putting you through this trouble when it turns out it most likely had nothing to do with your product. I never would have solved this without you and your teams advice though. The knowledge of the pH and concentration is what helped me to backtrack through, ask the staff the right questions, and sleuth out all the pieces.

Thank you so much!

Jez Taft
Dog Care Manager
All Dogs Gym & Inn™
Manchester, NH

I discovered OdorPet at my local Vet where the people there raved about it. My dog is very "accident" prone and cleaning up after her had become quite a chore. With OdorPet I just spray it liberally on the affected area and that's it. It takes away the odor immediately and does not leave a stain when it dries. That's all I need to do. If I had missed an area and a stain had formed I spray OdorPet on and the stain and odor disappear when dry. In addition, the black cherry aroma of OdorPet is very pleasant and not overpowering as are the air fresheners often bought in stores. I've previously tried other products that attempt to do the same thing, but none come close to the effectiveness of OdorPet.

I fully recommend this product to others.

Carl L. Siegel
Pet Servant

OdorPet was recommended to me by a good friend who owns a Kennel and has used the product for a very long time. My husband and I have a puppy and housebreaking was a challenge given our wall-to-wall carpeting. She gave me some of the product to use after cleaning my carpets. I diluted the OdorPet 50/50, put it in my shampooer after cleaning, and went over the carpet with OdorPet. The house smelled wonderful and clean, but the best part is knowing the carpet was disinfected and product is safe for humans and animals. I liked it so well, I bought my own supply. This is now one of my "staples". I keep a diluted mixture in a spray bottle and use it regularly to refresh the carpet and furniture. I will recommend this product whenever the occasion arises.

Thanks so much.


We already use Alpha Tech Pet products to clean our indoor dog park - we have been using Odor Pet for about two years with great results. Our park always smells clean and fresh after application.

Recently we encountered a great increase in humidity due both to weather, and to equipment issues with our HVAC system. I was searching for a product that could handle the increased odor that we were experiencing. Virtually every product on the market promises to take the odor from the air, but the results are usually short-lived, or the product just masks the odor temporarily. I decided to check Alpha Tech Pet's website, since I already had success using Odor Pet. And that's when I found KennelSol APS (now StayFresh APS). I immediately purchased the products - both the shock and the maintenance systems. The website takes the guesswork out of figuring out how much you need for your space by providing a square footage tool.

I wasn't even aware that the product had arrived. My dog park team unpacked it and immediately mixed it according to the instructions, and placed it on our HVAC intake vent as described. Later, I went into the dog park to ask my employee a question, and immediately noticed a complete lack of odor. I was completely "shocked"! I had no idea this product would work so well, and so quickly.

Before, we had issues with odor due to humidity and the natural effects of having over 50 dogs in our park every day, we now are enjoying the dog park in a completely odor free environment. The odors had become such an issue for us that we were considering installing air purifiers and other high cost add-on equipment to our HVAC units. Thanks to KennelSol APS (now StayFresh APS), we no longer have to consider that option!

Thanks to Alpha Tech Pet products. We couldn't run our business without them.

Radnor Veterinary Hospital

Alpha Tech Pet has been supplying The Grinning Dog boarding and daycare for several years. Their service is pleasant, responsive and knowledgeable. I don't feel like just a number when I call. Real humans (!) answer the phone, provide information and respond to my questions every time. We use several of their products in the kennel almost every day. Cleanliness and odor control are non-negotiable for us as our clients always have access to our kennel and yards. We hear "this kennel doesn't smell like a kennel at all" from prospective clients on their I view visits all the time. Alpha Tech has certainly helped us build the excellent reputation we enjoy in our area.

Alison Smith
250 Southampton Rd.
Westhampton, MA 01027

We have been dealing with Alpha Tech for many years, as we purchase our Kennel Sol and our Odor Pet products from them. We are constantly looking for new products that will help us keep our kennel and grooming areas clean, fresh and germ free. We were told about the APS (air purification system) and how it cleans odors out of the air. And if we can keep odors out of our kennel, that would be a great accomplishment. We thought we would try it. To our amazement, the product not only kept the odors down, we started to notice it also helped to minimize the Canine Cough contamination that usually happens twice a year. We have been using the APS products for well over a year and are very happy. Anyone who owns a kennel, groom shop, day care center or anywhere that dogs and cats congregate together will benefit from the use of this product.

Red Dog Inn and Resort
Mansfield, MA

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Kennel Sol and the Kennel Sol Air Purification System. Camp Bow Wow/ Bellingham, MA started using your wonderful products in December of 2009. To date we have not had one case of Bordatella. Unbelievable results!!!!! I couldn't be happier. I can't say enough great things about your products.

Sally Winters
Camp Bow Wow/Bellingham

My name is Elayne Reynolds and I am the owner of Forever Friends LLC, a pet supply store and K-9 training. I became aware of Kennel Sol when I was the Kennel Operations Manager for a large veterinary hospital. We used Kennel Sol in all of our boarding departments and the hospital area. I was always impressed with the level of cleanliness and odor control but was constantly reminded of how effective this product was when clients would enter the main kennel area which housed up to 100 dogs and comment on how clean it smelled. KennelSol and OdorPet are the only products I use at home with my own pets. When it came time to stock the shelves at Forever Friends it was a no brainer. I believe in offering products that I can personally vouch for and that is why I carry KennelSol and OdorPet in a variety of sizes to offer my customers quality products at affordable prices. Both products can be found at Forever Friends LLC. Please feel free to call with any questions 978-674-8022.

Elayne Tulliani
Owner/ Forever Friends

LA Dogworks has been recognized as one of the best dog care centers in the world and Alpha Tech Pet products are a big part of that success. The only products we use to sanitize and control odor are from Alpha Tech Pet. KennelSol and OdorPet are by far the industries best products for their ease of use and reliability. In my professional opinion there is really no other choice for proper dog care.

Andrew Rosenthal
President/Alpha Male
Los Angeles, CA 90038

OdorPet is a phenomenal product. As a kennel that sometimes boards close to 200 dogs, we need a highly effective and versatile cleaning solution. OdorPet is just that. It works well on our metal gates, woodwork, plastic wall panels, cat condos, outside rocks and more! We use OdorPet as opposed to other cleaning products because it is safe for animals even if left on surfaces indefinitely. We further appreciate the pleasant black cherry fragrance, which allows us to use it frequently without worrying about adverse effects of a harsh chemical smell. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product!

Caren Shea
Kennel Manager Red Dog Inn and Resort
Mansfield, MA

I am owner of a boarding kennel in Western MA. I have been using OdorPet for the past year. We use it primarily in our cattery, where we can board up to 25 cats. We use it for spraying down our cat dens when the pets go home and in their litter boxes during their visit. The nice thing about OdorPet is that it actually breaks the smell down and has a pleasant odor.

Michael Conlin
Wintergreen Kennels
South Hampton, MA

I just reordered a supply of the newly named OdorPet (originally AlphaZyme Plus). Call it anything you want as long as it remains the same recipe of your great product. I have tried them all! I’d settled on Nature’s Miracle and tried Urinoff in hopes of further smell reduction, but to no avail. I have a 220 lb. mastiff and three territorial cats so you can only imagine hot summer days at my place. OdorPet has solved it all! I never appreciated my spring flowers like I did this year, and it thanks to you guys. Can’t wait I to try your LaundraPet! Thanks Alpha Tech Pet!

Deborah Falconer
Los Angeles, CA

I am the founder of New England Pomeranian Rescue and also a breeder of quality Pomeranians. Our organization participates in Pet Rock festival every year which is where we found your company and OdorPet. Being a person who has purchased and tried every cleaner/deodorizer manufactured in the free world, I passed up your booth without giving it a second look because I figured it was yet another product that doesn’t work. One of our volunteers got a bottle of your OdorPet and and used it to clean up a pet mess that happened on one of our beds we had for sale that day at our booth! It really worked!! Needless to say, I bought two bottles and used them first thing this morning when one of my dogs urinated on our upstairs carpet. One of my other dogs also shared a bit of diarrhea with us in the same area. I was IMPRESSED! I sprayed the spots with OdorPet and the stain was removed immediately!! No scrubbing, it just disappeared with the first wipe! Here’s to your success!

Michel Seid

Thanks for the sample of OdorPet Dr. Seitz gave at the recent ABKA event. The stuff works great! We have 2 dogs and 6 cats and they don’t always hit the litter boxes. The OdorPet really works because after using it to clean; there are never any “repeat offenders” in the same area. The best part is the smell. My wife is sensitive to odor and perfumes and she has no issues with the fragrance (black cherry) of OdorPet! We can now clean the entire litter box and she doesn’t have to leave the room!

Mike Murphy
Cincinnati, Ohio

I am president of Mini Aussie Rescue and Support and was present at a recent event where I received a sample of your OdorPet! I have been actively involved with animals my whole life including 10 years of veterinary medicine and lab research. I have to say that OdorPet is the MOST effective deodorizer I have ever used. It even removed stains that were months old.

Heather Alexson