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Veterinary Cleaning Supplies specially formulated for the veterinary, kennel and animal care industry

Alpha Tech Pet has been helping animal care providers since 1989 with cleaning products to address pet health needs, maintain their facilities and deliver superior service to their animal clients and pet owners. We are a veterinarian owned company with 35 years of diverse Animal Care Industry experience. Our veterinary cleaning supplies include pet grooming solutions, pet odor removers, disinfectants & sanitizers, veterinary equipment and more. Our veterinary supplies also include CBD (Cannabidiol) from lawfully cultivated hemp to support pets' natural systems to help lead a healthy and happy life.

All of our veterinary cleaning supplies are backed by in-the-field insights with dogs, cats, birds and exotic animals. Many of our brands are Nationally recognized, are award winning with various patents and patents pending, and are the preferred choice of Pet Care Professionals across the Country.

Our dog cleaning supplies are effective for cleaning and maintaining hygiene of your client's pets. We have some of the best brands of dog cleaning supplies which include grooming tools, cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants.

We provide vet cleaning supplies which are not only efficient but also environmentally sensitive. Don't turn to harsh bleaches and other chemical-based solutions that can rust and destroy your facility and equipment. Our odor removers and other maintenance products are more appropriate solutions. They have been tested and shown to do a better job of cleaning, protecting and extending the life of your investments.

Not only are your facility investments better-taken care of, but we also keep it safe and sanitary for your animal guests. We also pay attention to details like pH neutrality so that you get the highest level of safety for animals and humans.

Alpha Tech Pet care products are recommended by some of the best veterinary facilities, animal shelters, humane societies, pet resorts, kennels, aviaries, zoos, institutions and pet shops. We are committed to being competitively priced and delivering you the best in veterinary cleaning supplies, education and customer service.

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