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    Pet Laundry Detergent

    LaundraPet Detergent for Pet Odors & Stains

    LaundraPet is our pet safe, eco-friendly pet laundry detergent offering a premium solution for your animal laundry. LaundraPet is guaranteed to be the best laundry detergent for pet odors and stains and is also great as a general laundry soap for kennels, doggie daycare, veterinarians and all animal care facilities. Our scientific pet detergent formula goes beyond average dog laundry detergent by getting to the source of all pet stains and odors.

    LaundraPet meets the EPA green standard making it safe for your pets, customers and employees. LaundraPet is more than just a dog detergent because it has more cleaning power than conventional laundry detergents and will remove tough animal odors, stains and heavy soils from all washable garments leaving them soft and smelling fresh!

    Features Benefits
    3x cleaning power concentrate A little goes a long way. Get up to 96 washes
    Green stain and odor remover Ingredients are safe for pets and people
    Veterinarian Approved Formulated and approved by veterinarians and animal care specialists
    Easy to Use 1 oz for high efficiency, 2 oz conventional in any water temperature

    LaundraPet is not just a dog detergent or pet detergent. Tested as the best laundry detergent for pet odors and stains, LaundraPet is an all-natural, powerful formula making it a practical choice for all institutional laundry needs. Use LaundraPet to keep your professional clothing like scrubs, sport uniforms, grooming apparel, etc. stain and odor free.

    Video Testimonial

    LaundraPet Testimonial

    LaundraPet label
    LaundraPet SDS
    Common Hazardous Laundry Ingredients

    Veterinarian Formulated!

    For All Your Laundry Needs

    Overall Customer Rating of 9 Reviews:

    Great product even better customer service

    Alpha Tech Pet products have always been top in the pet industry but it is their customer service and quick shipping that sets them apart! So great can reach someone on the phone!

    New York

    Laundra Pet

    This laundry detergent is amazing . only product we use and a little goes a long way.!

    South Lyon, Michigan

    laundra pet

    We purchased LaundraPet 3 years ago and it has performed an amazing job on our dog beds and towels for our boarding and grooming kennel. They come out clean and fresh smelling. We are very happy with the product.

    Grenada, West Indies

    Great product that we love!

    We choose to use LaundraPet at our animal shelter (GSPCA) as it is the best we have found! The large pail suits the amount of detergent we need for our busy shelter, and we are 100% happy with how the towels, bedding, animal toys etc. come out clean and ready to use again!

    Pet store owner

    The stand out product is the laundry detergent. Last Christmas my husband bought us a new washer and dryer. ( I think the set we had was from 1999 ) . I followed the directions on bottle for measurement amount of detergent. Since machines and soaps are energy efficient, I find myself often second guessing if the minimal amount is sufficient enough. I washed our pet store bedding and towels and as you would image. Smelled DISGUSTING . When the load was finished, I pulled out the first bed and out did a 'smell test'. I was shocked. NO SMELL! Not even a small hint of any leftover stench. This product is wonderful! Not only does it work, its environmentally friendly and most importantly- animal safe! Its very hard to find cleaning products that work effectively in the pet industry.

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