Parameter KennelSol® Bleach Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide "Ideal" Disinfectant Parameter
pH 7.0 - 8.0 11.5 1.0 - 2.3 7.0 (neutral)
Cleaning Ability excellent very poor poor *The single most important aspect of a suitable animal care disinfectant
General Disinfection Dilution Requirement 1:64
2 ounces/gallon
4 ounces/gallon
8 ounces/gallon
2 ounces/gallon is ideal
Parvo Disinfection Dilution Requirement 1:16
8 ounces/gallon @ 10 minutes
14 ounces/gallon
8 ounces/gallon @ 5 minutes
Concentrations are product dependent
Fragrance pleasant Wintergreen foul unpleasant Animals have a heightened sense of smell, and inappropriate odors create unnecessary stress
One-Step Functionality no pre-cleaning required pre-cleaning is necessary pre-cleaning is necessary Ability to clean, disinfect, and deodorize with no rinsing being necessary
Facility Compatability compatable very corrosive corrosive Should be compatable with materials commonly used in your facility
Ability to Function in Organic Load up to 5% organic debris inactivated by organic debris and creates carcinogenic by-products up to 5% organic debris Can function in an organic load
Hard Water Compatability up to 400 ppm poor function 200 ppm only Can easily function in hard water up to 400 ppm
Environmentally Friendly yes definitely not releases phosphates in the environment Choose disinfectants that are environmentally responsible
Spectrum of Activity excellent excellent, but too many variables for confidence excellent, but read the label on required concentrations Covers major pathogens of concern to the Animal Care Industry
Cost inexpensive cheap, but pre-cleaning is required very expensive when used at proper use dilution Cost effective - you must read labels to be sure you are using proper dilutions
Closest to Ideal Very Poor Choice Read Carefully Before You Buy

By keeping this list in mind, you'll be readily equipped to evaluate any disinfectant labels for their appropriateness as a product for considered use in your facility. Remember that balance is key, and read labels rather than just trusting what a salesperson tells you.

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