karcher turf and carpet extractor


Karcher Armada BRC 40/22 Artificial Turf/Carpet Extractor

A Carpet and Turf Cleaner that Wipes Out Stains

As the only one of its kind on the market, the Karcher Carpet Turf Scrubber makes it easy and enjoyable to clean carpets and even artificial turf. It uses advanced technology to increase productivity and reduce the amount of time it takes you to clean. You can use this cleaning tool in the animal care industry as well as your own home. The only self-contained walk forward extractor on the market.

Designed with Cutting Edge Technology

The Karcher Carpet Turf Scrubber has an extractor deck that moves in circles to clean in all directions. You simply walk forward and the extractor does its work. Works well in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas.

Ergonomically Friendly

Instead of getting down on your hands and knees to scrub the stains out of your carpet or turf, the Karcher Scrubber makes it easy and enjoyable to clean. The deep cleaning machine picks up dirt and stains fast as you simply walk forward with the tool. You never have to worry about being uncomfortable while you clean your floors with the Karcher Carpet Turf Scrubber.

For Use Everywhere

The Karcher Carpet Turf Scrubber works on the carpets and artificial turf in your home or in animal care facilities. Its deep cleaning and reduced dry times make it popular for use in veterinarian offices, pet resorts, pet stores, grooming stores, doggie daycare, and other facilities in the animal care industry.

Clean with Ease

Cleaning carpets and floors is easy with the Karcher Carpet Turf Scrubber. Instead of wasting time and energy cleaning manually, try the first ever self-contained walk forward extractor. Enjoy yourself as you clean in half the time. The extractor provides a 30-60% productivity improvement.

  • Steerable extractor head provides excellent maneuverability in any direction.
  • Adjust the steering wheel to any operator height for optimum ergonomics.
  • Easy maintenance - The brush and vacuum shoe require no tools to save time during daily cleaning and maintenance.
  • In line solution filter is easy to access and can be removed with solution in tank.
  • Set it and go single dial to select mode of operation is intuitive and makes for easy training.
  • Eco-efficiency mode is quiet and perfect for daytime cleaning.
  • Our cleaning technology provides a 40% reduction in carpet dry times.
  • Cord management system keeps cord out of the way during operation.
  • Works on great Artificial Turf