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Advanced Microfiber

Take cleaning to a higher level with less impact on the envrionment and your bottom line.

The dense construction of split microfibers creates a more efficient cleaning system:

  • Positively charged microfibers attract negatively charged dust
  • Pulls liquid and soil particles away from surfaces
  • Surface tension is broken, allowing the option of cleaning with water or with fewer chemicals

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

General purpose microfiber cleaning cloths make excellent cleaning & polishing cloths for animal care facilities. They hold 8X their weight in cleaning solution, and leave surfaces lint and streak-free. They are launderable hundreds of times.

Grip-N-Flip Microfiber Mitt

The Grip-N-Flip Microfiber Mitt combines microfiber performance with convenience. 10 layers of micro-fiber makes the Grip-N-Flip easier to use than any cleaning cloth or mitt in the industry. Ordinary microfiber mitts have 2 cleaning surfaces. Cloths have more surface area, but can contaminate the clean area due to unfolding and bunching. Grip-N-Flip mitts combine the surface area of the cloth with the easy utility of a mitt!

Disposable "Edge Mop" video link

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Color Flag Coding System

Use color-coding to reduce disease transmission and simplify daily tasks:

Red for Isolation Wards
Blue for everywhere else