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Enzymatic and biodegradable Drain Odor Remover and Drain Cleaner

If you have drains in your animal care facility, then you will not want to be without Alpha Bio-Drain. Formulated for veterinary clinics and animal care facilities, Alpha Bio-Drain acts within minutes to eliminate odors through its patent-pending powerful odor eliminators. It continues working as fortified enzymes, grease cutting surfactant and intelligent stabilized enzyme producing bacterial spores work together to open and maintain drains. It insures the rapid breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose (hair) and fats (grease)!

Alpha Bio-Drain is a patent-pending, enzymatic formula that is totally organic, biodegradable, safe to use and environmentally friendly with no harmful chemicals. As a natural additive to sanitation systems, Alpha Bio-Drain will help maintain your drains and pipes when disinfectants are routinely used for cleaning. At only 2 oz. per drain every two weeks, Alpha Bio-Drain is an economical solution to keeping your drains odor free and free flowing! Available in 1/2-gallon containers and 5-gallon pails. You may also automatically dispense Bio-Drain with our automated HydroDrain unit specifically made for our 5 gallon pails!

NOTE: Please use Alpha Bio-Drain as a maintenance program on drains and pipes that are NOT 100% clogged. Alpha Bio-Drain is designed to keep flowing drains flowing and smelling fresh.

Alpha Bio-Drain

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Alpha Bio-Drain will help to safely maintain drains and waste systems when disinfectants are routinely used for cleaning