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    Protexus Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer PX300ES Cordless

    Professional Disinfecting with 360° Magnetic Coverage

    Our PX300ES Protexus backpack electrostatic sprayer is an enhanced disinfectant applicator for quick, deep surface distribution and penetration using advanced electrostatic charged particles. Our electrostatic disinfectant sprayer provides 3x the coverage of regular backpack foggers with an attractive force 15X greater than gravity that provides 360° coverage.

    Protexus electrostatic disinfectant sprayers are EPA registered and can use SteriCide, Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) or PurTab 13.1 G tablets for an easy disinfecting, sterilizing solution for any business facility.

    Features Benefits
    360° full coverage with 15X force of gravity Spray the front and charged particles work their way around to the back
    Light weight Only 28 pounds when full (2.2 gallons)
    Cordless battery, one hour charge, 4 hour run time Daily, uninterrupted disinfecting
    Easy to use and fast 3,200 sq ft. coverage per tank in just 20 minutes (vs. 90 minutes traditional)

    Our professional PX300ES Protexus backpack electrostatic sprayer is more powerful and effective at disinfecting and sterilizing than other electrostatic backpack sprayers and foggers. Designed for heavy use in businesses to prevent the spread of disease- and using magnetic attraction to all surfaces- this electrostatic disinfectant sprayer is guaranteed to be a game changer.

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    Tualatin, Oregon

    The Protexus Backpack is great!

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    You guys are great! Unlike the medical equipment companies your selling the Protexus at a reasonable price with great support.

    I so appreciated Melissa calling me personally after ordering on your web site first thing in the morning. That’s really service!

    Even though I was a first time customer the attention to detail and offering additional helpful items was superior.

    I'm the General Manager Expresso Building Services of a large commercial cleaning company and Raindrop Supply a local sanitary supply company in Portland, Oregon and getting this equipment will help sanitize and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. We have so many customers asking us for deep cleans when actually the Protexus can help solve the sanitizing efforts quickly, we can cover more territory, and hopefully help prevent the spread of colds, flu, and the newest threat the coronavirus.