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JetPack Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer

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    JetPack Induction Charging Sprayer

    Modernize your air quality and surface disinfection programs with ByoPlanet biosecurity systems.

    Our celebrated backpack battery-operated sprayer is a versatile device offering complete mobility and broad area coverage. This model is many user’s preferred choice because it provides extended battery run time and maximum area coverage. The JetPack is the perfect choice for ultimate mobility throughout multiple spaces with different types or uneven floor surfaces.

    ByoPlanet electrostatic sprayers provide effective odor elimination and thorough disinfection of hard surfaces, promoting a healthy and productive indoor environment. ByoPlanet has the industry’s only Air Atomizing Induction Charging (AAIC) technology allowing disinfectants to disperse uniformly and reduce airborne particulates and evenly coat any hard surface.

    Dimentions (product only) 12˝ (30.5 cm) x 10.5˝ (26.7 cm x 22˝ (55.9 cm)
    Net Weight (product only) 25.0 lbs. (11.3 kg)
    Loaded Weight (product and solution) 33.0 lbs. (15.2 kg)
    Dimensions (unit boxed + battery boxed) 20˝ (50.8 cm) x 12˝ (30.5 cm) x 33˝ (83.8 cm)
    Flow Rate 2.7-3.1 oz/min (80-92 ml/min)
    Electrical Specifications (P2-BBP2624) 24VDC - ~10.5A
    Charger 115V
    Unit Run Time ~1 hr with full charge
    Battery Charge Time ~5 hr
    Solution Capacity 1 US gallons (3.8 L) f-style jug