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    All aluminum two-piece scoop set includes 10" scoop pan and spade, 36" aluminum handles with non-slip grip.

    A Pooper Scooper with superior materials

    Alpha Tech Pet’s (ATP) pooper scooper is a two-piece set that is easy to use and large enough to pick up all your pet’s messes. Made with top of the line materials, this large scoop and spade set will last a long time and it even makes cleaning up fun. Backed by a warranty, you can’t go wrong with ATP’s pooper scooper.

    Makes Cleaning Fun

    You will no longer have to bend over and risk hurting your back with this handy tool that can be used for both pet messes and debris found in the yard. Get to work picking up where your pet left off. The large aluminum scoop and spade make it easy to use and provide plenty of room no matter what size the mess is.

    A Pooper Scooper that takes size into consideration

    This pooper scooper is made up of a ten-inch scoop pan and spade. It has non-slip grip aluminum handles that are 36 inches long, giving you ease while picking up your pup’s poop. It’s tall enough that you won’t have to get into any uncomfortable positions while you clean up the yard. And its light enough that you won’t struggle when you move from one mess to the next.


    The pooper scooper comes with a 30-day warranty, so you don’t have to waste your money on a product that doesn’t work. The easy-to-use tool will likely last a long time and fulfill all your poop cleaning needs.

    American-made and Easy-to-Use Tool

    The dimensions of this quality product are designed to give the cleaner ease while doing a tough job that isn’t always so enjoyable. The pooper scooper is a great choice for those in the animal care industry and those who have pets at home that they need to clean up after. It takes time to make a product that works well, and the superior materials in this pooper scooper make it your go-to-choice for cleanup time.

    • Made in America from superior materials for long-lasting life
    • Large scoop & spade set
    • 36" AlumiLite handle
    • Pick up where your pet left off
    • 30-day warranty
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    Lightweight but durable

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    We use these poop scoops at our doggie daycare. They do the job. Lightweight and hold up pretty well.