3.3 G Tabs work with Protexus PX200ES Cordless Handheld Sprayer

13.1 G Tabs work with Protexus PX300ES Cordless Backpack Sprayer


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    PurTabs Disinfectant Tablets

    Effervescent Sanitizing by EvaClean

    The PurTabs Disinfectant Tablets by EvaClean are powerful and versatile effervescent disinfecting tablets for use in the Protexus Electrostatic spraying system. PurTabs are safe around animals, people and infrastructure and are pH neutral. PurTabs dissolve easily in ordinary tap water and becomes a multi-purpose, EPA registered disinfecting and sanitizing solution. In just one to four minutes after application, PurTabs disinfectant becomes a non-enveloped virucidal, sporicidal and bactericidal that help disease prevention.

    The active ingredient in PurTabs disinfectant tablets is Sodium Troclosene, which is less toxic than chlorine bleach and 50% less corrosive than bleach, especially in the presence of organic contaminants. This makes PurTabs disinfectant a proactive solution to infectious disease prevention that is fast, safe and effective.

    Features Benefits
    Fast acting after application 1 minute for non-enveloped virucidal, 4 minute sporicidal and bactericidal
    Ergonomic and cost savings 95% less weight than liquid sanitizers saving $ on shipping, storage and chemical costs
    Versatile Food contact surface sanitizer, hospital grade disinfectant, kills herpes norovirus, MRSA, E.coli, HIV & Hep B + animal pathogens
    Easy to Use Simply dissolve one disinfecting effervescent tablet into a Protexus Electrostatic sprayer

    The ingredients in PurTabs disinfectant tablets have the power to kill 99.999% of bacteria on pre-cleaned, nonporous, inanimate surfaces, including: Feline calicivirus, canine parvovirus, norovirus, salmonella, staphylococcus, herpes simplex 1, hepatitis A & B, MRSA, GRSA and more. The CDC and EPA substantiate that PurTabs kills pathogens and even kills mold and mildew.