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Wysiwash Sanitizer System Caplets - 9 pack (Calcium Hypochlorite)

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    A Potent and Economical Cleaning Caplet

    WYSIWASH calcium hypochlorite caplets are easy to use. Available in a 9-pack container, these caplets are economical and last longer than bleach products. They are less corrosive than other caplets. And, unlike chlorine bleach, WYSIWASH loses only 5% of its potency over an 18-month period.


    Nine caplets come in each container, making each purchase last long. Each caplet lasts up to 3.5 hours of nonstop use. It costs less than a penny per gallon, making it very economical.


    There is no mixing or mess when you use WYSIWASH caplets. Simply add a caplet to the WYSIWASH dispenser canister and blend with cold or hot water (1490 F/600C). One tablet per 875 gallons of water at a flow rate of about 250 gallons per hour, makes a 75-ppm solution. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not remove the outer plastic covering.


    WYSIWASH contains no lye so it is not nearly as corrosive as bleach. You and your employees won’t be exposed to the danger of bleach associated burns, bleached clothing and harmful residues.

    An economical Answer to Your Cleaning Needs

    Each capsule has a long life that is guaranteed to bring you results. These caplets are highly effective and easy-to-use.