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    Veterinary & Kennel Disinfectant

    KennelSol® is a broad spectrum germicidal cleaner, deodorizer and disinfectant formulated for animal care facilities. The concentrated formula knocks out pathogens in one easy labor saving step. This very popular quaternary disinfectant is EPA registered and kills a broad spectrum of pathogens, including many important to the animal care industry. Effective against viruses (kills Canine Parvovirus), bacteria, and fungi. KennelSol retains its efficacy even in hard water. KennelSol’s pH neutrality at a dilution of 2 oz. per gallon of water (8 oz per gallon for canine parvovirus) provides for the highest level of safety for animals and humans with no rinsing necessary. It is non-corrosive and non-staining to surfaces and clothing if spilled. An abundant level of detergent and odor control makes it an extraordinary veterinary & kennel cleaner and disinfectant while its wintergreen fragrance leaves behind a “fresh and clean” scent. Available in pints, gallons, 5 gallon pails, 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums.

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    Best Disinfectant Hands Down!!!


    I own a commercial kennel where we offer boarding, daycare, grooming, training, and show breeding. Over the years I have tried many different products available on the market. Some were ok and some were not effective in my opinion and I refuse to compromise on quality and safety. I tried the Kennelsol and fell in love with the clean smell it leaves behind. It far surpasses wysiwash and a few other brand names that most facilities are using. I loved the Kennelsol so much that I ordered the OdorPet. THAT is a truly excellent enzymatic product that not actually alleviates the odors not just covers them up. Black cherry is my favorite. I have also tried the Biodrain which makes me feel confident that the pipes are staying clean and flowing properly. I also have used both the laundry soap (liquid) and the laundry berries. I did not care for the berries personally, but the liquid worked well. Today I am popping on to buy more Kennelsol, more Odor Pet, and the trigger sprayer for them both. I can not say enough good about these products. Give it a try. I promise you will like the results. I am 100% confident in the Kennelsol's ability to kill parvovirus. We do rescue work and have had many litters brought in. Kennelsol allows us to keep the disease contained and killed. I dont even trust bleach that much. =)