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    Portable, hose-end dispensing

    An Easy Way to Dilute Cleaning Solutions

    Proper sanitization is no easy act, which is why Alpha Tech Pet has worked with companies to design products to make cleaning easy. The Hydro Satellite Bucket Filler dilutes concentrated cleaning products for use in a variety of different containers. This diluting system works well for small or large projects.


    Instead of spending a fortune on diluting cleaning products, the Hydro Satellite Bucket Filler will do the job for you. This system can be used at home, instead of having to pay for someone else to do the diluting for you. It will save you time and energy.


    The Hydro Satellite Bucket Filler is mobile so it can move right along with you. It works well for those who travel often and have to tackle jobs on the go. Simply put the bucket filler in your car and you will be able to dilute all of your concentrated cleaning products.


    The Hydro Satellite Bucket Filler dilutes concentrated cleaning products for use in sinks, mop buckets, auto scrubber, tanks and other containers. Whether you have a small job at home, or a large job on the road, the bucket filler will help you along the way. It was designed with convenience in mind.

    A Dispensing System for Cleaning Products

    Diluting concentrated cleaning products can be a big part of the job for those in the animal care industry. The Hydro Satellite Bucket Filler works great in grooming salons, pet resorts, veterinarian clinics, and doggie daycare facilities. It can also be used for big jobs at home.

    Product Features and Benefits

    • Easy mobility
    • Adjustable product connection
    • Fits virtually any cap
    • Includes exclusive E-gap eductor technology
    • Includes AccuPro pressure regulation technology (patent pending)
    • Handy On/Off trigger
    • Convenient locking button
    • Overmolded handle
    • Built-in hanger
    • Adjustable velcro strap for container stability
    • Multiple dilution rates
    • Easy connections to water source

    Hydro Satellite Bucket Fill Instructions