5 Cleaning Strategies to Keep Your Pets Healthy

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dog in clean crate

Pet hygiene may start with a good bath, but it certainly doesn’t end there. Yes, your dogs may be clean…but is their environment clean as well? Even if you give a full bath to the dogs in your vet clinic or kennel, they can still be exposed to microbes if the items surrounding them have not been properly sanitized.

Your friends at Alpha Tech Pet are ready to give you advice on how to clean a dog crate and other items in your pet business facility. Keep reading to learn five cleaning strategies to keep your pets healthy.

1. Clean Dog Crates

Clean Dog Crates

Dog crates are a safe place for our best friends. It is imperative to regularly clean dog crates to keep their home hygienic and comfortable.

Remove all items inside the dog crates such as toys, beddings and food bowls before starting the sanitizing process. Wash the crate outdoors or inside a spacious bathroom. Don’t forget to use a non-toxic cleaning product like our KennelSol® Germicidal Disinfectant to effectively get rid of germs, bacteria and viruses.

Read our helpful guide to find out more details on how to clean a dog crate.

2. Clean Pet Blankets

The dogs in your kennel love lying down on their beddings and snuggling with their blankets. Make it a habit to regularly wash pet blankets and beddings to remove unsightly stains and unpleasant odors.

clean animal toys

Be sure to use a pet laundry detergent that is safe for both pets and people such as our veterinarian-approved LaundraPet Eco-Friendly Pet Laundry Detergent.

3. Clean Animal Toys

It’s fun watching the dogs in your vet clinic playing with their chew toys and balls. Keep in mind that you need to make an effort to keep these toys clean, as well, especially since dogs bite these toys.

4. Clean Pet Messes

Dogs may look like cute stuffed toys. Unlike stuffed animals, however, your pets regularly need to poop and pee. While some animals are trained to use litter boxes, you can’t always guarantee that they will use it successfully every time.

You can use our Pooper Scooper & Spade Set w/ Aluminite Handle to easily clean pet messes on the floor of your vet clinic.

5. Clean Your Vet Clinic or Kennel

protexus backpack

Last but not least, you should regularly sanitize your kennel or vet clinic to maintain a pleasant, hygienic overall environment for your dogs.

To save time, use our powerful Protexus Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer PX300ES to quickly and thoroughly disinfect your pet business facility.

Check Out Alpha Tech Pet’s Cleaning Products

Keeping your dog’s things and surroundings clean is essential to your furry friend’s health and well-being. Check out the Alpha Tech Pet online store for more handy products that will make cleaning dog crates and other pet accessories a breeze.

For more education information contact Tom Bissanti: Tom@AlphaTechPet.com or visit our pet industry education website.

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