The Superior Effectiveness of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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Microfiber vs Ordinary Fiber

What is it?

Microfiber is the most highly effective cleaning textile available to the janitorial supply industry. Microfiber cloth is made up of fibers 100x as fine as a human hair. The fibers are split, forming a core of spokes surrounded by flexible and independently-moving wedges. The wedges flex and spread around the core, trapping dirt, dust, and other particles against the core. The fine fibers also enhance absorption of liquids, making microfiber optimal for both wet and dry applications.

How does it work?

Compared to traditional cleaning textiles, microfiber has a superior ability to attract, trap, and hold particles and liquids. Microfibers carry a positive charge, which electrostatically attracts negatively charged dust particles and liquids. The cloth actively pulls dirt, dust, liquids, and so on away from the surface you’re trying to clean, and into the fibers themselves. Once the particles come into contact with the fibers, the Velcro-like clinging action ensures they stay put. The end result is a higher number of particles removed, including smaller sized particles than other cloths would remove.

Are there other benefits?

Better air quality. Since microfiber actively pulls dust particles toward it, you won’t kick dust into the air as you clean. Any dust that touches the microfiber is pulled in and trapped until you wash the cloth.
Savings & less chemical waste. Microfiber is more effective at removing a broader range of particles, all without requiring the use of water or cleaning fluids. For applications which require the use of chemicals (such as disinfecting a surface), microfiber is a superior choice. The fine fibers break surface tension of the contaminant, exposing more of the contaminant to the cleaning solution, maximizing its effectiveness. This means savings on your cleaning fluids, and a lower volume of cleaning chemicals ending up in the water system and beyond.

What are its animal care facility applications?

Microfiber cloths are typically employed in two fashions: cleaning cloths/mitts, and mop heads. Alpha Tech Pet carries O’Dell microfiber cloths and mitts, which deliver deeper cleaning with maximum dust attraction and liquid absorption, in a reusable cloth or mitt. We also carry HYGEN™ disposable microfiber cleaning cloths, for those cleaning applications that require extra absorption of hazardous liquids or particles. These are the only disposable product line in the healthcare industry proven to remove 99.9% of microbes, including C. diff, that helps stop the chain of infection.
Our selection of mop heads includes two types of microfiber mop heads. The Echofiber Microfiber Loop Mop can be laundered hundreds of times, and come in blue and red colors for easy prevention of disease cross-contamination. The Microfiber Spun Loop Pad Mop is the best mop head available to animal care facilities. The Spun Loop Mop attaches to a solid mop pad frame, allowing for downward pressure for scrubbing tough particle deposits and dried fluids. It also features a higher microfiber loop pile than the Echofiber mop head, and is launderable up to 500 times before needing replacement.

Microfiber cloth is the optimal solution for surface cleaning and dusting, as well as the application of surface disinfectants. The fine fibers and electrostatic attraction mean more effective removal of solid particles and liquids. Consult the Alpha Tech Pet product listing for our full offerings and detailed descriptions of all of our animal care products.

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