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BioFiber 40" - 60" Telescopic Handle Telescopic Handle,BioFiber Telescopic Handle
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    Microfiber Spun Loop Wet pad 5" x 18" (fits Pocket Frame) Microfiber pads,microfiber mop, Kennel Microfiber pads
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      BESTSpun Loop Microfiber Pads are Our BEST wet floor application pads (better than mops). Microfiber is very fine synthetic fiber 100x finer than human hair. The fibers are split to create microscopic hooks and increase absorbency. Split microfibers allow for more aggressive cleaning and removal of microscopic debris than conventional methods.Positively charged microfibers attract negatively charged dust, debris, hair, and bacteriaHigh loop pile gives higher absorption than woven padsLoops...

      Microfiber Pocket Frame (for Spun Loop Wet Pads) Pocket Frame,Microfiber applicator
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        The pocket frame fits Microfiber Spun Loop Wet Pads (#3300). The design gives great surface contact, and allows for hands-free pad removal. Use with telescopic handle (# 3024).

        Quick Cleanup Mop w/Flip Frame (includes 1 Wet/Dry Flip Pad) quick cleanup mop,pet mess mop,veterinary quick mop,kennel quick mop
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          Ideally suited for general floor cleaning needs in all types of Facilities. This is an excellent solution for Quick Cleanup Jobs (pet messes, small area cleanup, spills, etc.). You'll be glad you have these in your facility. Sick of sloshing around a mop bucket and wringing out heavy mops? Our Quick Cleanup Mop & Flip/Frame eliminates the need for all of this. This product is ideally suited for quick cleanup applications when regular mopping isn't convenient. The powerful combination of...

          Quick Cleanup Mop Replacement Pads (Wet/Dry Flip Pads) Quick Cleanup Mop,Microfiber Mop Pads
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            MicroFiber Pretreatment Charging Bucket - 6 gallons microfiber,charging bucket
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              Streamline your microfiber pad system with this presoak charging bucket. To prepare sets of pads ahead of time, mix cleaning solution (about 14 ounces per pad) and add it to the bucket. Stack pads in bucket "pocket side up," seal lid and invert then place right side up. Pads will absorb cleaning solution in 15-30 minutes. Comes with removable wheels for easy mobility and also fits on cleaning cart (# 3600). Color Flag Charging Bucket Video ...

              Cleaning Cart (may be used with microfiber applications) cleaning cart,janitorial cart,housekeeping cart
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                Cleaning Cart - high impact plastic, heavy duty construction, complete w/laundry, debris bag (also for use with microfiber applications).

                Laundry Net, 24" x 36" (for MicroFiber) microfiber laundry bag
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                  Microfiber Laundry Net Specially designed polyester leno weave mesh bag for laundering microfiber mops, pads, cloths, and mitts. Laundering microfiber products in a mesh bag will minimize tangling and contamination. 24" x 36." Comes with a slip lock closure and I.D. tag.

                  MicroWash - MicroFiber Cleaner Concentrate - 128 oz Microwash,Microfiber Laundry Detergent
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                    Microfiber Wash (specially formulated)Microwash is a non-toxic, non-detergent and fully biodegradable microfiber cleaner. It is concentrated to remove heavy soil, grease, wax and oil from microfiber. Microwash works by trapping and dissolving soils, allowing them to be rinsed away with water. It is effective in hard water too.Leaves no residueDoes not stiffen microfiberDoes not promote bacterial growthEnhances microfiber shelf-life ...