Alpha Tech Pet’s New Website is Open for Business

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Alpha Tech Pet New Website

Alpha Tech Pet is committed to giving customers the best service and buying experience available. Our new website makes navigating product information easier, provides more educational information, and even saves you money as you now earn points on product purchases. The new “responsive design” makes purchasing products like PetSuds, SkunkAway, LaundraPet, OdorPet, KennelSol, etc., just as easy on a phone or tablet as it is from a desktop computer. Better security, reward points, and a clean bright new design are just a few of the new features. We will continue to develop and add additional features over time and make your experience even better!

Trusted Security

The new website uses SparkPay, a platform that is run by Capital One. They provide a stable, trusted, and secure platform. In addition, the entire ATP website is protected by a GeoTrust SSL certificate. This means all your information will stay safe, secure, and confidential.

Mobile Friendly

Now the ATP website can be easily viewed and navigated on any device. All content is available and easy to read on your phone, tablet, or desktop. We have kept the same familiar navigation and organization that you are familiar with, but just made everything even better. Brighter colors, cleaner and larger text, bigger sharper images, and improved searching features will improve your website experience.

Earn Rewards

Reward points are an exciting new feature that will save you money. Points are earned with every order, but there are many other ways to earn points. Writing a product review, sharing a product on Facebook, commenting on a blog article, and sharing the website with a friend are just some of the ways you can earn points. We will also be running product specials, contests, and other events that will allow you to earn bonus points. You can easily see how many points you have by logging into your account. Points can easily be redeemed during checkout to save money on your’ purchases.

Educational Resource

ATP has added a new education section that will make it easier to find Technical Bulletins, helpful tools, and protocols. You will see the “Education” link on the left side of your desktop or under the red menu button on your mobile device. ATP is currently developing and organizing new and valuable educational materials to help you make your business cleaner and safer. Check back often for new content.

Please take a few minutes to check out the new website features and create an account if you don’t already have one. Just creating a new account will earn you reward points so it has never been a better time to become an Alpha Tech Pet customer.

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