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LaundraPet is a 3X premium pet laundry detergent. It will effectively remove animal odors and heavy soils from washable garments and textiles leaving them soft and smelling fresh. Use LaundraPet to keep your professional clothing (scrubs, uniforms, and grooming apparel) stain and odor free. Use for pet bedding, blankets and towels in your animal care facility to eliminate hidden odors. At only 20 ml per high efficiency washload or 40 ml for regular loads, LaundraPet is economical in use. Since our formulation is low sudsing, LaundraPet is perfectly safe for use in HE washer.

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OxzPet is a color safe alternative to bleach for pet bedding, scrubs, surgical linens, towels, and other laundry items. Also destains fabrics, plastics, and many surfaces and eliminates odors. OxzPet is an "activated oxygen" bleaching agent designed to clean and remove soils, stains and odors in many different applications. It is safe for use on laundry, carpet and upholstery. Use it to clean and remove stains from plastic and china pet bowls and utensils and stainless steel surfaces. OxzPet eliminates odors.