The Right Mop for Every Application!

We are proud to offer mops in a Good-Better-Best format to match your particular sanitation needs:

Mops that use technology to get the dirt out

Microfiber mops use technology to attract dirt and debris better than standard mops. They work well in the animal industry and they can be used after multiple washings. They absorb the little particles that get left behind from animals, dirt and regular living.

How it Works

The microfiber technology works by attracting dirt and debris to the mop by a combination of: (1) Velcro-like clinginess from the microfiber plus, (2) an electrostatic charge that attracts particles. This allows for less work on your part and ease when cleaning up messes.


Microfiber mops can be used after they go through hundreds of launderings, making them economical and easy to use. They work better than traditional cotton mops and are more allowing you to save money after multiple cleanups. Their superior quality allows for them to absorb more than your average mop in one use. They are lint-free, so you won’t have any cloth left behind on your floor after you mop up a mess.

Color-coded to Reduce Cross Contamination

These superior mops come in different colors, so you don’t have to deal with disease cross contamination. Blue is for general use and red is used for isolation wards and contaminated areas. They are a perfect addition to any animal care facility, hospital setting, or home.

Microfiber Mops that Can be Used Anywhere

These light-weight, superior quality mops are a dream come true for those who work in the animal care industry, or any place that gets tainted with debris. The clinginess of the Velcro combined with the electrostatic charge, makes a hard job much easier. These high-quality mops can be used anywhere for messes that are small and large.

GOOD - Edge Loop Mops

These are disposable and made from post-industrial recycled material (baby diaper material). You use them until they become stinky or too dirty and then simply throw them out. They are non-linting and hold 70% more water than traditional cotton mops, plus they are inexpensive. And they’re made in the USA by a 100% green powered manufacturer.

BETTER - Echofiber Microfiber Loop Mop

These utilize microfiber technology to provide even better attraction of dirt and debris (a combination of Velcro-like clinginess from the microfiber plus an electrostatic charge attraction of particles). They are light weight, reusable for up to hundreds of launderings, lint-free, superior in absorption, and come in either blue (for general use) or red (for isolation wards and contaminated areas) – color-coding to reduce disease cross contamination.

BEST - Premira Disposable Microfiber Floor Pad

Premira single use microfiber pads have been proven to be superior at removing dirt and debris compared with reusable textiles like cotton or laundered microfiber. Laundered microfiber pads bring residual dirt into the cleaning process while also absorbing and holding cleaning fluids.

Disposable Premira Microfiber pads give each cleaning job a fresh, clean start, eliminating cross-contamination risks and providing the best cleaning performance microfiber has to offer. Designed to be compatible with most existing mop hardware available on the market.

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Edge Loop Mop Video
Color Flag Charging Bucket Use
Color Flag Coding System

Color Flag Coding System

Use color-coding to reduce disease transmission and simplify daily tasks:

Red for Isolation Wards
Blue for everywhere else