Top 5 Pet Health Products All Animal Care Facilities Should Stock

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top five pet health products

Anyone working in the animal and pet industry is naturally on the frontline battling diseases and infections. No client will be happy if the pet they are picking up is in less than perfect health.

Find out what pet health products you need to stock up on to maintain unparalleled health, safety, and cleanliness in veterinary clinics, kennels, and other pet care businesses.

OxyVey wound wash

OxyVet Wound Wash

Any facility housing multiple animals experiences its fair share of accidents and injuries. Cleaning wounds with water is acceptable but using pet-specific wound washes can help hasten the healing process.

Our OxyVet Wound Wash is made of plant oils derived from phospholipid complex, giving it anti-irritation, anti-infective, and antiseptic effects. Additionally, the formulation gives it long-lasting skin conditioning and broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity — which is better overall for a pet's health. Best of all- OxyVet Wound Wash penetrates the skin to for a more effective outcome.

SkunkAway Skunk Odor Remover

The effects of skunk spray on dogs and other pets are nothing to laugh about. Not only is the smell disgustingly foul and difficult to remove, but the spray can potentially cause nausea, vomiting, or even anemia if ingested.

Alpha Tech Pet’s SkunkAway Skunk Odor Remover features a proprietary Neutralization Factor-7 chain reaction that disassembles the odor and reassembles it into a new odor-free matrix. It completely and permanently eliminates odor from your pet even after getting wet again. It also removes lingering odor from secondary surfaces such as car seats, camping/hunting gear, carpets, and clothing.

PetSuds Probiotic Dog Shampoo

Keeping pets’ coats and skin clean and healthy plays a large role in maintaining their overall health. A healthy coat and skin help protect them from heat, chemicals, and other irritants. They also help regulate pets’ temperature and maintain proper hydration.

PetSuds Probiotic Dog Shampoo does all that and more. PetSuds is the only patented, veterinarian formulated, probiotic shampoo and conditioner for dogs. PetSuds Probiotic easily deep cleans and moisturizes the dog's coat with a wonderfully calming lavender scent that promotes healing of hotspots, skin allergies and dry oily or irritated skin.

But, unlike any other dog shampoo or conditioner, PetSuds Probiotic goes to work on the digestive system. As your dog grooms he is ingesting microorganisms that increase antibodies that promotes digestive health.

Alpha Bio-Drain Cleaner and Maintainer

Unfortunately, the common practice of pouring bleach down the drain to remove odor produce toxic fumes that can cause kidney damage and aspiration pneumonia in dogs. Bleach poisoning via inhalation can even lead to severe gastrointestinal damage.

In comparison, our Alpha Bio-Drain Cleaner and Maintainer is safe for pets and the environment while cleaning drains just as well. Alpha Bio-Drain is the perfect enzymatic, biodegradable, odor remover that acts within minutes to eliminate odors, then continues working for days to open drains and maintain flow by ensuring the rapid breakdown of all the yucky stuff: grease, hair, dirt garbage, and the like.

KennelSol Germicidal Cleaner and Deodorant

Keeping a sanitary and disinfected pet care facility is one of the most important practices in ensuring animal health. It helps prevent bacteria, viruses, and fungi from contaminating the area and spreading diseases.

As such, it is only right to include our original KennelSol Germicidal Cleaner and Deodorant in this list. KennelSol is the ideal alternative to bleach and other chemical cleaners since it can be used on a variety of surfaces. It is also EPA-registered, non-toxic, and effective against the COVID-19 virus. KennelSol germicidal disinfectant is famous for turning three jobs into one: It is a kennel cleaner, kennel disinfectant and deodorizer for one easy step. There is no need for rinsing. Plus, only 2oz per gallon of water are needed as an everyday kennel cleaner and kennel disinfectant, 8oz per gallon to fight off Canine Parvo.

Get More Value with Bulk Purchases

Alpha Tech Pet does not only specialize helping your pet health but also your business as a whole. That’s why our pet health supplies are affordable and our customer service second to none. Imagine this: we answer our phones! We want all animals and businesses to experience the highest level of care and safety you can provide.

If you’re looking for high-quality, affordable products for your kennel, vet clinic, or animal shelter, Alpha Tech Pet also offers discounts for pet health products sold in bulk.

Contact us today for assistance in placing your order or visit our online shop to purchase much needed pet health products for your business today.

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