Regular Drain Maintenance and Role of An Enzymatic Cleaner at An Animal Facility

dog hair in drain

If you’ve ever noticed their personal bathtub has begun to drain slowly after a shower, you might have braved the confines of your drain. The results are usually a mixed bag of matted hair that’s built up over time to partially or even fully clog things up. Fishing out the worst of it usually does the trick, letting you shower for months without a care afterward.

dog hair grooming

Yet in a professional animal care environment, a simple occasional fishing expedition isn’t going to cut it. If you run an animal hospital, a kennel, a grooming salon, or even just a vet clinic, your drains are likely to be constantly bombarded with the kind of animal hair that could clog your pipes almost overnight. This is why adopting a regular drain maintenance schedule, and using an enzymatic cleaner, is such an important part of keeping the pipes of your animal care facility clean.

Weekly Drain Maintenance

Good drain maintenance begins by not waiting until there’s a problem. Including drain checks during your weekly maintenance cycle will help catch minor problems before they become major ones. Clearing drain covers of hair and ensuring that your drains are flowing without a problem will make it ongoing maintenance easier in the long run.

Monthly Drain Maintenance

hair in drain

While weekly maintenance will indeed help keep drain problems at bay, it’s crucial to do a deeper clean of your drains at least once a month to clear out any hair, grease, or other materials that might have made it past your drain covers. Treating your drains with a powerful cleaner that’s both safe for animal use and effective in breaking up organic matter that might be lurking in your drains out of sight will go a long way in keeping those drains flowing.

Seasonal Drain Maintenance

As the seasons change, the demands on your plumbing systems do as well. If your facility is located in a geographical region that has all four seasons, it’s important to have your drains checked for weather-related damage. Water trapped in clogged drains can freeze, which will can expand and crack your plumbing, so always ensure your drains are as clear as possible before cold weather hits.

Effectiveness of Enzymatic Cleaner

Finally, let’s discuss just what types of drain cleaners are best for animal care facilities. By and large, the answer is simple and straightforward: enzymatic cleaners like Alpha Bio-Drain. This is because enzymatic cleaners not only have the ability to break down proteins, grease, and hair that can accumulate and clog drains, their enzymatic formula helps break down and eliminate the unpleasant odors that can accompany blocked drains as well. Fast-acting and effective, adding around 2 ounces of enzymatic cleaner to every drain in your facility once every two weeks is enough to keep your drains free-flowing and clean smelling!



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