Get Rid of Stubborn Pet Odor

Get Rid of Stubborn Pet Odor

Caring for several pets every day entails not just providing them and their owners with professional services, but also requires keeping an environment that is clean and safe. Cleaning is one thing. Disinfection is another. These two are not always enough especially for traces of dirt and odor that linger in the air, causing allergies and irritation. Owners of nearby establishments may also complain of violations of environmental safety standards.

We recognize the importance of keeping kennels, veterinary clinics, and pet stores clean and odor-free all the time. Let us look at some of the important qualities to look for in a pet odor remover

Stain Removing Properties 

Pet urine, mucus, blood, and feces leave traces even after intensive cleaning. Some of the remaining stains can carry the animal’s odor and further harbor odor-causing bacteria. Odor removal begins with getting rid of tough stains that tend to seep deeper the longer as they remain untreated. Aside from the regular cleaning solutions, a pet odor remover can better handle this situation.

Our OdorPet Concentrate uses a unique formula that relies on bio-active enzymes that break down odor-causing stains into environmentally safe by-products. This industrial-grade cleaner combines the power of an intense floor cleaner and carpet shampoo, resulting in a solution suitable for many surfaces. 



Urines, with their nitrogen-rich substances, give off a distinct smell. While other cleaning solutions use fragrances to mask this odor, you should take care of the root of the problem - the nitrogen compounds. Look for a pet odor remover that has ingredients that can break down these urine chemicals into environment-safe products that can be flushed with water. Our PX550 pet urine remover is listed as Generally Recognized as Safe by the FEMA and FDA due to its USDA bio-preferred active ingredients, making them safe for humans and animals. 

pH Neutral 

Using different cleaning solutions for a large area with different types of surfaces can be such a hassle as it takes time and careful monitoring. You must make sure that the right cleaning agent is used for a specific surface and preparing several cleaning solutions can take up much time. A pH-neutral pet odor remover can be used on a variety of surfaces such as non-porous floorings, carpets, clothing, and even wood. With OdorPet Concentrate, you only need a single cleaning and odor removing solution for your whole facility, for time-saving and efficient maintenance. 

orange degreaser


Veterinary clinics and pet shelters are high-traffic areas for both humans and pets. Just a few minutes after use, the same area must be prepared for the next patient. A fast-acting cleaner should do the job of quickly eliminating dirt and grease to get the station safe. It only takes seconds for Orange Degreaser’s powerful citrus ingredients to start acting on grime and stains, preventing dirt build-ups and keeping your whole facility safe in no time. It is also versatile for heavy-duty degreasing tasks and lighter cleaning jobs.


Getting rid of pet odor is one of the toughest maintenance tasks in an animal care facility. With the right pet odor remover, which uses environment-friendly bio-active ingredients that act quickly, you can devote more of your time and resources to animal care, while Alpha Tech Pet takes care of your cleaning needs.

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