Everything You Need to Know About the PX300ES Electrostatic Sprayer Backpack

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Electrostatic sprayer backpack

Cleanliness is vital when you’re running a grooming or veterinary clinic. The cleanliness of your workspace can influence your ability to bring in and keep customers. How can you foster customer loyalty if your workspace is known as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that cause diseases to both pets and humans?

Investing in an electrostatic sprayer is one of the best ways to maintain the cleanliness of your workspace. The PX300ES backpack has been making waves among groomers and vets because of its features and benefits. You’ll be surprised how quickly this device can drastically improve the sanitation of your workspace!

What Is the PX300ES Backpack?

protexus backpack

You can find many electrostatic sprayers on the market today, but the PX300ES backpack is considered one of the best. The PX300ES Backpack is a cordless electrostatic sprayer that comes with an enhanced disinfectant applicator for deep surface distribution and penetration.

Unlike other electrostatic sprayers, the PX300ES Backpack uses advanced electrostatic charged molecules that provide three times the coverage and uses PurTab 13.1 G tablets as disinfecting and sterilizing solutions.

The PX300ES Backpack is more effective and powerful at sterilizing and disinfecting various surfaces than other electrostatic backpack foggers and sprayers. This model is designed for heavy use in business settings to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

What’s Great About the PX300ES Backpack?

Because of its built-in features, cleaning with the PX300ES backpack will become a breeze. This equipment will make cleaning more fun and more effective without spending more time or effort.

Some of the best features you can enjoy from the PX300ES are:

  • 360° full coverage with 15X force of gravity: This will allow you to spray any surfaces with charged particles for effective and hassle-free cleaning
  • Lightweight: The PX300ES only weighs 28 pounds when full, making it easier for you to carry it around when you’re cleaning
  • Cordless battery, one hour charge, four hours run time: The battery lifespan of the PX300ES will ensure that you can clean your workspaces every day without any interruptions
  • Easy to use and fast: You don’t need to read tons of manuals to use the PX300ES This electrostatic sprayer comes with a user-friendly design and is very easy to use

Keep Your Workplace Spotless!

As a groomer or veterinarian, you should always prioritize the cleanliness of your workspace. Having a reputation for working in an unsanitary environment will shoo away customers and make it challenging for your business to thrive long-term.

Visit our website today and place an order for a brand new PX300ES Backpack. With the features it has, buying the PX300ES today will be one of the best investments you’ll make as a groomer or vet!

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