Easy Pet Odor Removal Tips and Tricks

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pet odor remover tips and tricks

No matter where you work in the animal industry, whether it’s at a vet clinic, kennel, doggie daycare, animal hospital or shelter, you have probably experienced animal odor. Below are a few tricks for replacing odor with something a little more pleasant for you and your animals.

Use an Enzymatic Cleaner

Professional Pet Odor Removal Products

Enzymatic cleaners contain powerful enzymes that help eliminate odors and stains. A great choice is OdorPet by Alpha Tech Pet, which is an environmentally friendly dog odor remover that is used in all animal situations. It’s strong enough to strip away the smell of urine, excrement, and germs from various places, such as:

  • Pet bedding
  • Pet sleeping areas
  • Carpets
  • Fabrics
  • And more

OdorPet also provides a safe, natural, and biodegradable pet odor remover that removes smells and keeps the area fresher for longer. Whether you’re working in a dog kennel or a pet shop, OdorPet is an environmentally friendly odor remover that’s safe for animals and the people who care for them.

How Often Should Pets be Washed?

This should not come as a surprise — washing animals is a sure way to keep your facilities fresh and clean. To ensure that they are always free of dander and dirt, it is best to wash and dry dogs at least once a month and not to wait longer than 3 months.

While cats may seem like they’re always clean, this is not always the case — self-pampering in cats can still leave some dirt deep in their fur. As such, it’s best to bathe your cats once every 4 to 6 weeks. However, it’s best to keep in mind that other factors such as the length of their fur, health conditions, and cat type will play a role.

Invest In Air Purifiers and Fresheners

Professional Pet Odor Removal Products

Air purifiers create better air quality by eliminating impurities from the air in your facility. It’s natural for pets to emit odors that mix in with the environment, so look for an air purifier that’s designed specifically to get rid of animal odors. Even cat odor removers are important.

But do not be fooled by products that mask odors. You want to eliminate them. StayFresh Air Purification System, for example, destroys pet odors by using controlled amounts of chlorine dioxide to deodorize the room and penetrate hard to reach areas. Chlorine dioxide deodorizer gas has been registered as a sterilant for use on laboratory equipment, environmental surfaces, tools, and clean rooms. With chlorine dioxide dogs and other pets will experience less stress as the gas penetrates areas in your facility unable to be reached by hard surface disinfectants. Use in HVAC systems, isolation rooms, the cattery or anywhere odors present a problem.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your spaces thoroughly is one of the best ways to keep your facility clean. It takes away dirt, hair, and pet dander in all your rugs, carpets, and other hard surfaces. It’s best to use a vacuum with a HEPA-certified filter, which can eliminate as much as 99.97% of bacteria and other allergens in the air. To maintain the quality of your vacuum’s performance, be sure to replace the filter every 3 to 4 months.

Mop Floors and Steam Carpets

Even if your hard floors feel smooth, they can still gather dust, dirt, pet hair, and other particles that are hard to see. Therefore, it’s crucial to mop floors with a pet cleaner after a thorough vacuuming. Doing this sanitizes your floors and gets rid of bacteria coming in from the outside through shoes and paws.

Furthermore, it’s also helpful to steam clean your carpets to eliminate odors coming from debris, dirt, and even urine which can linger in fabrics. Using a steam cleaning machine is the best way to get rid of these problems straight from the source. If your facility is busy and has many high-traffic areas, then mop and steam your areas at least once a week.

Wash All Animal Items

If your animals use a bed to sleep on, this could be a big cause for odors. Pet beds tend to accumulate a lot of saliva, hair, dirt, dander, and even urine. Be sure to clean both the cover and the whole bed by placing them in the washing machine, and then leave them to air dry.

Moreover, many pets will have a lot of items they “own,” this will include:

  • Collars
  • Toys
  • Pillows
  • Bowls

These carry germs too, so they must be cleaned from time to time. Some things can be washed by hand, such as the pet bowl, while others will need to be machine washed. For these items, it’s best to use eco-friendly and powerful laundry detergent that will thoroughly clean all their personal belongings.

Look for Alpha Pet Tech Products

If you’re looking for effective odor removal products, look no further than Alpha Tech Pet. Whether you work at a pet shop, zoo, kennel, or dog daycare, our solutions are environmentally friendly, safe, and effective, which means you won't have to worry about your pets and the people who care for them. Alpha Tech Pet provides the best pet odor remover to ensure that both your pets and their environment are well taken care of.

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