Beyond Mop and Bucket Cleaning for Floor Care at Your Animal Facility

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beyond cleaning with mop and bucket

Keeping your animal care facility clean is always important, as it provides better health and safety for your animal patients as well as your human staff and visitors. In a post-COVID environment, keeping your offices and exam rooms as clean and sanitized as possible is even more important, and many animal care facility managers are looking for ways to make their cleaning and sanitation regimens as effective as possible.

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Yet at the same time, as seriously as you might take keeping your animal facility as clean as possible, you might still be relying on the old mop-and-bucket approach. However, the truth is that old-fashioned approaches to mop and bucket cleaning might be doing more harm than good. Here’s what you need to know about how newer, better, and quicker cleaning technologies can help you say goodbye to the mop and bucket for good!

Takes A Lot of Time

Let’s face it: cleaning a floor with a mop and a bucket is likely one of the most time-consuming things that you can do. It’s bad enough when you’re mopping your floors at home, but when you’re tasked with cleaning the floors of an entire animal care facility, the time sink grows even deeper. Factoring in that you have to wait until these mopped surfaces are dry before you can walk on them, traditional mopping needs to be scheduled at times so that it’s not disruptive to the normal function of your care facility.

Wet Floors Are Prone To Accidents

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Another reason why mopping can be problematic is likewise related to the wet floors mopping leaves behind. Wet floors can cause people and animals to slip and fall, leading to a higher incidence of accidents. Some of these accidents might even lead to serious injury. This is especially dangerous on floors that look dry but are still just wet enough to have less grip than normal or floors near stairwell landings or similar places.

Causes Soil and Germ Spread

Just because your mopped floor looks clean doesn’t mean that it truly is. Mops tend to push around a lot of contaminants on a microscopic level, such as soil and germs, giving you a false sense of security. Remember: clean isn’t the same thing as disinfected or sanitized.

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Newer and Better Alternatives

While the humble mop and bucket might never be eliminated from cleaning and sanitation, there are still many better alternatives, such as using a veterinary disinfectant that can break down pathogens much better than simple soap and water on floors and other flat surfaces. Methods for keeping floors safer and cleaner, such as floor scrubbers that clean, disinfect, and dry your floor all at once, are all better options when it comes to providing the safest and healthiest environment for your animal patients, your staff, and your visitors.

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