The Perfect Introduction To Our Family

Working as a vet requires you to keep a clean vet clinic in addition to having a passion for helping animals. In fact, the cleanliness of your clinic can have an impact on your ability to provide excellent service to pets and, in the long run, attract more clients. If you're one of the many veterinarians and groomers who struggles to keep their workspace clean, Alpha Tech Pet products can help. Our brand provides a wide range of veterinary Cleaning/disinfectant products, making it easier for you to keep your clinic clean.

We know that buying bulk supplies isn’t realistic when trying out a product for the first time. That is why here at Alpha Tech Pet, we put together the perfect introduction to our family. Our Combo Pack is the perfect starting point for any vet clinic and will let you try all of our fan favorites before you stock up!

What is in the Combo Pack?

Each Combo Pack Contains the following:

  • One Gallon of KennelSol Germicidal Cleaner - KennelSol is the original broad spectrum kennel cleaner disinfectant from Alpha Tech Pet. KennelSol is a top-rated disinfectant and deodorant for veterinarians, animal hospitals, and pet-care facilities.
  • One Half Gallon of BioDrain - Alpha Bio-Drain, our biodegradable and enzymatic drain odor eliminator, is ideal for cleaning drains and removing odors in veterinary clinics and animal care facilities. Alpha Bio-Drain is a commercial drain cleaner that eliminates odors in minutes and then works for days to open drains and maintain flow.
  • 64 Ounce Bottle of LaundraPet Laundry Detergent - LaunderPet is a pet-safe, environmentally friendly pet laundry detergent that provides a high-quality solution for your animal's laundry. LaundraPet is the best laundry detergent for pet odors and stains, and it's also great for kennels, doggie daycares, veterinarians, and other animal care facilities as a general laundry soap. By getting to the source of all pet stains and odors, our scientific pet detergent formula goes above and beyond the average dog laundry detergent.
  • Gallon Container Pump Dispenser - This animal care gallon bottle pump is a dependable choice for animal care professionals who frequently dispenses
  • Empty OdorPet spray bottle - This is an empty 32 oz. spray bottles with sprayer tops and has the OdorPet label printed on it.
  • Empty KennelSol spray bottle - This is an empty 32 oz. spray bottles with sprayer tops and has the KennelSol label printed on it.
  • One 3 lb bag OxzPet Stain Remover & Cleaner - For pet bedding, scrubs, surgical linens, towels, and other laundry items, OxzPet is a color-safe, pet-safe alternative to bleach. OxzPet is a color-safe activated oxygen bleaching agent designed to clean. To bring out colors, remove stains and odors, and clean all your kennel, veterinary, and doggie daycare fabrics, simply add one packet per load of laundry as a bleach alternative.

Ready to Meet Our Family?

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