Sanitation Program for Kennels, Animal Shelters & Cages

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When was the last time you evaluated the sanitation program currently in place at your animal care facility? You should check out Alpha Tech Pet’s Sanitation Program Assessment Tool to see if our recommendations can help you improve upon your current level of facility sanitation.

We are proud to be one of the nation’s leaders in establishing sanitation programs for pet resorts, veterinary clinics, and other animal care facilities; all of our programs are tailored specifically for the needs of each individual facility.

KennelSol HC

All programs are environmentally friendly, efficient, and will always meet the highest standards of safety for the pets under your care and your employees.

Below, you will find different sanitation program categories we often utilize to help facilities self-access their own sanitation programs, along with example products (that we would recommend) that coincide with the program level a facility would be utilizing in a particular program. We can help you determine which level of sanitation you are currently employing and then how to enhance your level of sanitation by taking it to the next level.

Basic Sanitation Program: These are facilities utilizing only Hard Surface Disinfectants plus some additional supplemental Cleaning Products to assist with cleaning. (HSD) Example products would be:

  • KennelSol: This is a germicidal cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer, perfect for animal care facilities. It is EPA registered and kills pathogens such as canine parovirus.
  • OdorPet: This is a bio-active odor counteract-ant and cleaner for just about any type of pet mess. It can be used on floors, walls, counters, furniture, and indoor/outdoor surfaces. It is tremendous at breaking down urine, fecal debris, and animal body fats – making cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces much easier to accomplish.

Enhanced Basic Sanitation Program: To take your facility to the next level of sanitation, you should consider adding a Higher Level Disinfectant and/or a Sterilant product to your arsenal of items available for use in your facility sanitation program.

When you’ve got a problem, you want a big gun on hand to turn to. (HSD + HLD/S) Example products would be:

Lotus PRO

Lotus PRO

  • LotusPRO Aqueous Ozone: Aqueous Ozone is a powerful natural cleaning, stain removal, deodorizing and sanitizing/disinfecting solution made on-demand by the LotusPRO aqueous ozone generator. Aqueous ozone has an oxygen reduction potential of 2.07 volts, making it 50% more powerful than chlorine bleach (having a potential of 1.37 volts) and 3000 times faster at killing microorganisms.
  • YGIENE: Is an EPA registered and engineered, environmentally friendly, liquid surface cleaner, disinfectant, and sterilizer for use on hard non-porous surfaces in animal care, veterinary, and medical environments. It’s the nuclear bomb “if you will” for wiping out microorganisms. It will completely sterilize treated surfaces of all microbial life within 20 minutes of application.

Intermediate Level Sanitation Program: To take your facility to the next level of sanitation, simply add Touch-less Hand Sanitizers & Microfiber Products – but use Color Coding of your microfiber products to reduce disease cross contamination (red for isolation wards and blue for general population areas).

(HSD + HLD/S + Touch-less Hand Sanitizers + Microfiber Products)

SystemSURE Plus – ATP Meter

SystemSURE Plus – ATP Meter

  • Purell & GOJO: Touch-free hand sanitizers combined with hand soap at all sinks encourages proper hand sanitation. It’s the perfect way to rid pathogens from hands and avoid inadvertent transmission of diseases between animals being handled. Plus it helps keep your employees healthier.
  • Microfiber Cleaning Products: Use of microfiber cloths and mops provide a generational leap in cleaning ability beyond that of standard cotton alternatives. Plus color coding for usage application (red for isolation wards, etc.) greatly assists in reducing disease cross-transmission throughout your facility.

Professional Level Sanitation Program: With the addition of products capable of treating the air in your facility, plus considering the use of low pressure low flow chemical applicators, you are employing BEST practices for professional grade sanitation at your facility. (HSD + HLD/S + Touch-less Hand Sanitizers + Microfiber Products + APS + Low Pressure Low Flow Chemical Applicators)

  • KennelSol APS: Since 1988, chlorine dioxide gas has been registered as a sterilant for use on laboratory equipment, environmental surfaces, tools and clean rooms. KennelSol APS chlorine dioxide gas technology is now available for use in your animal care facility. This air purification system safely and reliably releases controlled amounts of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas for amazing odor control, thus enhancing your overall sanitation program.
  • Alpha HydroMAID: This Mobile Automated Integrated Diluter (MAID) is an automatic dilution system for the delivery and application of your cleaning products throughout your animal care facility. It utilizes Low Pressure Low Flow application of chemicals and therefore does not aerosolize microorganisms like is commonly experienced when utilizing high pressure sprayers.

For more information, or to establish your sanitation needs, please give Alpha Tech Pet a call at 800-822-5537.

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