Proper Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols in Veterinary Clinics: Best Practices

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Welcome to the realm of impeccable cleanliness and hygiene in veterinary clinics! Alpha Tech Pet takes pride in offering simple and effective veterinary disinfectant products designed to keep pet facilities clean, germ-free, and safe for our beloved furry friends. Here are some of the best practices for maintaining a pristine environment in veterinary clinics to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure the well-being of pets.

The Importance of Cleaning and Maintenance:

Effective cleaning and maintenance schedules are the backbone of a healthy pet facility. Preventing dust and dirt build-up is crucial, as these can become breeding grounds for disease and odor-causing bacteria and germs. Alpha Tech Pet's range of veterinary disinfectant and sanitizer solutions plays a pivotal role in achieving and maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.

KennelSol: A Top-Rated Germicidal Cleaner & Disinfectant:

At the forefront of Alpha Tech Pet's lineup is KennelSol, the original broad-spectrum kennel cleaner and disinfectant. Formulated by veterinarians and registered with the EPA, KennelSol proves highly effective against a diverse range of pathogens. It combats viruses such as Canine Parvovirus and SARS-CoV-2, as well as bacteria and fungi. Trusted by veterinarians, animal hospitals, and pet care facilities, KennelSol is renowned as a top-rated germicidal deodorant and disinfectant.

Notably, KennelSol boasts an EPA Emerging Pathogen Claim, indicating its efficacy against emerging pathogens. If a pathogen is easier to eliminate than the most challenging pathogen listed on KennelSol's label (Canine Parvovirus), it can likely be effectively eradicated with KennelSol at a concentration of 8 ounces per gallon.

SteriCide: Elevating Sanitation to Professional Levels:

SteriCide is an easy-to-use hard surface sterilizer engineered as a cleaner, veterinary disinfectant, deodorizer, fungicide, and sporicidal sterilant. EPA-registered and suitable for use in commercial, veterinary, and medical environments, SteriCide transcends sanitation programs to professional levels, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process.

WYSIWASH Calcium Hypochlorite Caplets:

For a dependable and enduring disinfection solution, turn to WYSIWASH calcium hypochlorite caplets. Presented in a 9-pack container, these caplets offer an economical alternative that surpasses traditional bleach products in longevity. With lower corrosiveness and sustained potency over 18 months, they ensure a reliable and effective disinfection solution.

It's important to note that we typically recommend using WYSIWASH for outdoor applications such as turf, outdoor play equipment, fences, tables, chairs/benches, walkways, etc. This is because WYSIWASH is designed as a hose-end applicator, making it particularly well-suited for outdoor disinfection needs.

Alpha Tech Pet's commitment to pet health extends beyond veterinary care to the very environments they inhabit. With a range of powerful and effective veterinary disinfectant products, including KennelSol, SteriCide, and WYSIWASH, maintaining a clean, germ-free, and safe veterinary clinic has never been easier. Elevate your cleaning protocols, protect our furry friends, and create a space where health and happiness thrive.

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