Pet Odor & Stain Removers

For animal care homes, dog kennels, and other pet care facilities, Alpha Tech Pets offers high-quality, environmentally friendly pet odor removers.

For animal care homes, dog kennels, and other pet care facilities, Alpha Tech Pets offers high-quality, environmentally friendly pet odor removers. Our pet odor removers come in convenient concentrate and spray forms and are quick and simple to use. Both dog and cat odors can be effectively removed with the help of our products. These pet odor removers are made with a bio-active formula and natural extracts, making them safe for animals.

Let's Take a Look at Our Pet Odor & Stain Remover Products.

  • OdorPet® Stain and Pet Odor Remover - Our professional-grade stain and pet odor remover, OdorPet, gets rid of all the odors and stains that pets leave behind. With our pet stain and odor remover, which was created by a veterinarian, you can now clean up the mess. Since OdorPet is entirely organic, biodegradable, and close to neutral in pH, it can be applied as frequently as required to all surfaces and fabrics. It is even, without a doubt, the best pet stain remover for carpets and all fabrics.

  • OdorPet® Concentrate - To get rid of pet stains and odors, you need an industrial pet odor remover. Our organic, biodegradable OdorPet Concentrate stain and pet odor remover is ideal for refilling our spray bottles or using as a carpet cleaner for pet stains. Commercial grade carpet shampoo and floor cleaner made with our special bio-active formula is used in establishments with high traffic, soiled carpets, greasy porous Works great on Artifical turf, Pee Gravel and more! including hard wood and linoleum. Our commercial pet odor remover, which is used by pet resorts, kennels, and rescue organizations across America, uses bio-enzymes to break down odor-causing debris into harmless CO2 and water.

  • LaundraPet Detergent for Pet Odors & Stains - Our pet-safe, eco-friendly pet laundry detergent, LaundraPet, provides a high-end answer for your animal laundry. The best laundry detergent for pet stains and odors is LaundraPet, which is also excellent as a general laundry soap for kennels, doggie daycares, veterinarians, and other animal care facilities. By tackling the root of all pet stains and odors, our scientific pet detergent formula goes beyond ordinary dog laundry detergent.

  • Eliminate Skunk Smell with SkunkAway® - SkunkAway will completely get rid of skunk smell. This potent, proprietary musk neutralizer completely neutralizes the musk and eliminates skunk odors right away. SkunkAway is the only skunk smell remover of its kind because it disassembles odors and reassembles them in a new odor-free matrix using our patented Neutralization Factor-7 chain reaction.

  • Alpha Bio-Drain for Commercial & Industrial Drains - For cleaning drains and eliminating odors, veterinary offices and other animal care facilities should use our biodegradable and enzymatic drain odor eliminator, Alpha Bio-Drain. An industrial drain cleaner called Alpha Bio-Drain starts working right away to get rid of odors and then keeps working for days to get drains open and keep the flow going. Additionally a biodegradable drain cleaner, Alpha Bio-Drain is completely natural, extremely safe to use, and environmentally friendly. No more noxious chemicals entering your septic or sewage systems through your drains.

  • StayFresh Air Purification System - Our StayFresh Air Purification System (APS) eliminates pet odors by deodorizing the space and penetrating difficult-to-reach areas with controlled amounts of chlorine dioxide. For use on environmental surfaces, tools, and clean rooms, chlorine dioxide deodorizer gas has been registered as a sterilant. Your animal care facility can now use StayFresh APS chlorine dioxide odor removal gas technology.

  • Heavy Duty Degreaser and Cleaner with Citrus - The heavy-duty Orange Degreaser's potent citrus components cut through stubborn grease, dirt, and soils on walls, floors, machinery, equipment, and other surfaces. Our citrus degreaser is effective in settings with high traffic, such as zoos, boarding schools, auto shops, dining establishments, and industrial operations. Wherever stubborn soiling and grease buildup are a problem, orange degreaser works well to remove tough dirt and grime.

Ready to Order Pet Odor & Stain Remover?

Pet odor is a big area of concern when running a pet care facility, veterinary clinic, or animal care home. The facility needs regular cleaning and maintenance with an effective pet odor remover. You need products that can remove dog odor and cat odor. These pet odor removers are essential for the elimination of the urine smell from pet sleeping areas, pet bedding, fabrics and carpets. We provide pet odor eliminators that are safe for animals and environmentally and ecologically friendly. The source of urine odor is effectively eliminated with long-lasting effects using a biodegradable, secure, and natural pet odor remover. The cleaners' bio-active formula effectively removes odor and pet urine stains by penetrating deep into layers.

These environmentally friendly dog odor removers are simple to use and safe for the environment, regardless of whether you run an animal shelter, pet store, or dog kennel. Order any of these pet odor and stain remover products today at



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