OxzPet: The Safer Alternative to Bleach

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Just because you love working with animals, does not mean you always love the odor they may leave behind; one laundry solution that will effectively eliminate pet odor is OxzPet, a color-safe bleach alternative.

This product is a safe and powerful activated-oxygen alternative to bleach, and is perfect for pet bedding, towels, linens, scrubs, and other laundry items. When you’re working in an animal care facility, it’s important to have laundry products and cleaning products that quickly and efficiently eliminate odors and unwanted microorganisms; OxzPet is a great addition to consider for your laundry needs.

As we mentioned, this product is great for eliminating odor, but it also removes stains from fabrics, plastics and various other surfaces.

OxzPet is a color-safe bleaching product that was created to clean and remove soils, stains and odors in a variety of applications, surfaces and fabrics; it is safe to use on carpets, clothing, upholstery, and other laundry materials.

If you want to effectively eliminate pet odors, OxzPet is the color-safe bleaching alternative for you; not only is it the most effective way to eliminate odors, but it is also the safest and most environmentally friendly product on the market!

For more information about our color-safe bleaching alternative, or any of our laundry products, please feel free to give Alpha Tech Pet a call at 800-822-5537.

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