Why a Digital Record of Your Visitors, Staff, and Contractors is Important

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Why a Digital Record of Your Visitors, Staff, and Contractors is Important

In the time of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you provide the highest level of safety for not just your staff but your visitors as well. This means reducing or even minimizing physical contact to limit the possibility of pathogen spread, but it also means keeping careful, detailed records of who’s stepped inside your offices for contact tracing purposes. How do you solve such a dilemma? Through a contactless, digital record system.

What is Contact Tracing?

When it comes to COVID-19 detection, contact tracing is the key for identifying possible community spread and stopping it in its tracks. When someone has tested positive for the coronavirus, backtracing everywhere that person has been for the last 14 days (the typical incubation period for COVID-19) identifies who they might have come into contact with. This allows other people who may have been exposed the opportunity to get tested and self-quarantine in order to avoid spreading the virus themselves without knowing.

Contact-Free Experience for Visitors

Keeping a record of who comes and goes in your office is crucial for contact tracing. Yet COVID-19 spreading with close contact. Having visitors and staff wearing masks at all times while checking in and creating a record of who’s been in the office is a good step, but having visitors check-in to their appointments through traditional methods means they risk the possibility of cross-contamination from touching countertops, clipboards, pens, and other related objects. A contact-free visitor check-in system does away with this possibility while still preserving a record of who’s been in the office in the event that contact tracing becomes necessary in the wake of a positive COVID-19 test.

How to Keep a Digital Record

It’s clear that offices need to keep careful records of who comes and goes at all times for contract tracing purposes. It’s also clear that providing a contact-free experience for visitors protects both those visitors as well as any staff or contractors that spend time in any given facility. The best solution for both of these requirements is contact tracing software that retains digital records of who comes and goes. Such a system focuses on touchless interactions by having a visitor scan a QR code on their phone that then wirelessly triggers the creation of a digital record of their visit in the office’s system.

Two Birds, One Stone, Zero Problems

Creating and maintaining a digital record of the staff, visitors, and contractors who come in and out of your facility is an invaluable tool in the fight against COVID-19. Taking further steps to provide contact-free interactions within the facility goes even further; now, you’re not just prepared to use contact tracing in the event of infection but you’re using social distancing properly to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the first place. As the most effective way to protect as many people as possible, using a digital record system is the best way to work together to conquer COVID-19 for good.

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