SkunkAway® Questions and Answers

SkunkAway® is a 2-part spray solution (part A and part B) that when combined generates a Chlorine Dioxide solution (ClO2) capable of knocking out the most offensive of odors (Skunk Spray) in a safe and easy-to-use spray bottle application. Chlorine Dioxide actually breaks down the offensive odor molecules of skunk spray (not simply masking them like other products), thereby eliminating the odor more effectively than anything else on the market today. SkunkAway® contains specialized surfactants to solubilize skunk oil quickly so the chlorine dioxide complex can more effectively go to work oxidizing and eliminating the odor producing molecules of skunk oil. Treat as soon as possible, and spray again the next day if there is a residual odor.

What is the shelf-life of SkunkAway before activating?

Shelf life is at least 2 years if solutions are kept out of the sun and away from high heat.

What is the shelf-life after activating the product by mixing parts A & B?

Shelf life is about one month if the mixed solution is bottled tight, kept out of the sun, and kept at room temperature or below.

How far will an 8 ounce bottle of SkunkAway go?

Each bottle of activated SkunkAway solution is enough to treat on average two large dogs (dependent upon how much of a dog’s coat has been skunked). Usually only about 1/4 (or less) of a dog’s coat gets a big blast compared to the rest of the body (usually hind quarters and/or head).

How long should the solution be left on a dog (or cat) before hosing or washing?

The solution can be left to dry without any rinsing. In the usual case, let the dog dry for at least an hour, or overnight, and then wash or rinse. Spraying a second time will not be irritating to the dog’s skin or coat or to your own hands.

Is there a danger of ingestion or eye irritation, and is it toxic?

Chlorine dioxide is not toxic and is not dangerous in the eye, but the surfactant that dissolves the skunk oil may be slightly irritating. To avoid possible complications it is best when treating the head to: (1) either saturate a cloth and wipe the face with the cloth, or (2) spray the solution from the side with a hand protecting the eyes. Many ingestion tests by the EPA show that small amounts of ClO2 are not harmful if swallowed.

Will the solution bleach clothing?

Yes, the spray may bleach your clothing. The solution will also sometimes lighten the dog’s coat very slightly. The solution will also soften the dog’s coat. It will make a show animal “show” better.

Are there any other applications for the Spray?

Chlorine dioxide has been shown to be an excellent antiseptic and wound healer. It has also been shown to be good on poison ivy rash or prevention, and has been shown to stop the pain of bee and hornet stings (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease).