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    Degreaser for Animal Care Facilities that's a powerful All-Purpose Cleaner

    Neutral Citrus Degreaser works for heavy-duty applications in animal care facilities, schools, automotive, restaurants, food service and industrial operations. Originally created for the high-traffic animal care industry, its powerful ingredients work to cut through deep grease and grime and soils found on equipment, machinery, walls, floors and works great in homes too. It works fast and effectively to cut through tough filth and grime. Great for all locations where tough soiling and grease buildup are an issue.

    Works Fast

    This fast-working cleaner penetrates the grease and buildup and gets rid of the filth for good. It works well on animal debris, oils, dirty grills and stoves, making it a good option for all industries.

    Easily Diluted for Lighter Jobs

    For tough stains that build up in animal care facilities, Neutral Citrus Degreaser is your go-to choice. It gets the job done right and fast and works on light and heavy jobs, making it a good all-purpose heavy-duty cleaner. It can be diluted to a less potent solution, making it safe to use on lighter jobs.

    Product Features and Benefits

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Cuts Grease!!

    I have always been a fan of Dawn Dish Detergent and thought there was no other product that would cut grease like Dawn. Well I found the other product. This citrus degreaser is absolutely amazing. It cut through grease in a stove that was never cleaned in 5 or more years. The stove came out spotless and looking like new. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it for myself. This product is a win win. Try it! You will not be disappointed.

    Burlington, Ma

    This stuff is AMAZING!

    This is the best degreaser i have used. I had a house that i was selling. I had tenants that had rented the property prior to this and they were quite messy. Needless to say my kitchen was covered in grease. I soaked all of the cabinet pulls in the citrus degreaser and viola, not a stitch of grease to be found. I sprayed down the cabinets, walls, stove and floor. My kitchen looked like new again. I am one happy customer.