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Mop Bucket
Price: $152.26
Availability: In Stock
Impact Item #: 3240 -

    Heavy duty sidepress Mop Bucket, with isolated dirty water bucket & sedimant tray.

    MicroFiber Pretreatment Charging Bucket
    Price: $69.53
    Availability: In Stock
    Odell Item #: 3320 -

      Streamline your microfiber pad system with this presoak charging bucket. To prepare sets of pads ahead of time, mix cleaning solution (about 14 ounces per pad) and add it to the bucket. Stack pads in bucket "pocket side up," seal lid and invert then place right side up. Pads will absorb cleaning solution in 15-30 minutes. Comes with removable wheels for easy mobility and also fits on cleaning cart (# 3600). Color Flag Charging Bucket Video ...

      Cleaning Cart
      Price: $298.35
      Availability: In Stock
      Impact Item #: 3600 -

        Cleaning Cart - high impact plastic, heavy duty construction, complete w/laundry, debris bag (also for use with microfiber applications).