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    Miele’s Octoplus dryer has an extra-large drum and residual moisture sensors, reducing drying times saving time, money and energy consumption. When used in tandem with the Octoplus washer, the washers superior spin speeds combined with the dryers extra-large drum and residual moisture sensors, significantly reduce drying times often cutting them in half, enabling clinics to process towels in significantly less time. The 20 pound capacity drum can hold 15 bath towels. The main differences between the Octoplus and residential models are longevity, durability, speed, safety and residual moisture sensors.

    German engineered with high performance heater elements, residual moisture sensors and short cycle times, the Octoplus is the ultimate tool for animal care facilities with high throughput laundry demands.

    • Truly commercial units designed to run all day long. Domestic machines no matter how good the quality, are only built to run a few loads a day. That is why most facilities have to replace them yearly.
    • The Octoplus drum with residual moisture sensors detect when load is dry and automatically turns the dryer off; saving time, money and energy consumption.
    • The Octoplus’s large lint filter allow for up to 16 loads to be dried without cleaning. This added safety feature saves dryers from burning out as a result of not properly cleaning the lint filter after each load.
    • Our extra-large drum allows for textiles to open up and dry faster.
    • Miele washers have the highest spin speeds of any washer on the market, cutting drying time in half. No more waiting for the dryer to finish. The washer and dryer work in tandem improving work flow and increasing throughput.
    • One year full parts and labor warranty.
    • 20 lb. load capacity.
    • Powder coated, scratch resistant finish.
    • Programmable Led display in 34 different languages.
    • 40.2" H x 27.6" W x 30" D
    • 240V 60Hz, 2 X 30 amps NEMA L6-30 / optional: 208V 60Hz, 2 X 30 amps NEMA L6-30.