Alpha HydroMAID™ II

Mobile Automated Integrated Diluter

The Alpha HydroMAID II is a self-contained battery operated automatic dilution cleaning system (with a self-contained 8 gallon fresh water tank) designed for animal care facilities that need the portability of a mobile unit (with a footprint only the size of a mop bucket). Its low flow rate (0.5gpm) and the low pressure spray (40 psi or 100 psi) allows you to either directly apply Aqueous Ozone, or apply properly diluted KennelSol® and OdorPet® to surfaces where flooding from your regular hose or high pressure sprayer may present a problem. Stop moving the dirty mop bucket from suite to suite or around play areas and indoor runs. The Alpha HydroMAID II will assure you of increased disease control, because Aqueous Ozone can now be applied directly, or if using KennelSol it will never be mixed with dirty water. Also, due to its low pressure application (with no splash back), pathogens will not become airborne, as happens with many high pressure cleaning systems. You can now also easily apply automatically diluted OdorPet® conveniently to your indoor and outdoor surfaces. There are no hoses or electrical cords to drag around so you can take it anywhere. The Alpha HydroMAID II is engineered for easy mobility over outdoor terrain for applying our products to pea gravel and artificial grass play areas. Low flow/ low pressure cleaning means less product and water consumption for greater economy in maintaining your facility. Also, there is no employee handling of product concentrates, providing for increased safety and additional cost savings. A cleaning accessory kit, 15' extension hose and foaming sprayer attachment are also available as additional options. Each overnight charge is good for 3 solid hours of continuous trigger spray usage for applying solutions.

This ingenious self-contained portable mobile automated dilution applicator will reduce work and increase efficiency