Why Smell Is the Only Thing Your Kennel Is Known For

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Kennel smell – it’s absolutely infamous. Sometimes no matter how hard you scrub and how sparkling clean your kennels might look, there’s still this telltale smell that hits you every time you walk inside. That nasty smell, whether it’s from urine or some other source, can even drive customers away, as it’s implied that a stinky kennel isn’t clean and therefore a danger to a pet’s health. No one wants to leave their family dog in a nasty-smelling kennel for the weekend, so here’s how to get that frustrating stink out of your own kennel!

Why Dog Kennels Stink

Any sort of animal care facility, from a kennel to a vet clinic, has to deal with the inevitable accident from time to time. Kennels often deal with this much more, and while spot cleaning to remove any accidents will remove the waste, sometimes the offending odor is left behind. That’s because spills can often seep into the actual materials that kennels are made out of, especially plastic kennels. Bedding in kennels can also harbor odor unless they’re cleaned regularly.

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Finally, let’s face it – dogs can be pretty stinky sometimes, especially if they haven’t been bathed recently. Also, if they’re suffering from bacterial infections, have impacted anal glands, skin inflammation, dental problems, or even just bad gas, dogs can easily give off a strong funk. You put a bunch of dogs together and this smell intensifies very quickly!

How to Eliminate Kennel Smell

If you’re looking for how to eliminate kennel smell, you have a number of options open to you. The whole vinegar-and-baking-soda trick might work well for your home, but you’ll need something more powerful to take on the kinds of smells that a fully loaded dog kennel can produce. Your best bet is a veterinarian-approved odor remover that is specially formulated to break down bad smells on a molecular level.

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On top of odor elimination, you need to ensure the kennels themselves are clean. Wash or replace bedding regularly and be sure to disinfect and deep clean in-between occupants in addition to spot cleaning. This includes all the objects in a kennel, such as food bowls, water dispensers, and chew toys. Since bacteria can cause smells, knocking that bacteria out with a deep cleaning agent with strong disinfectant properties can make a major difference. Always use pet-safe cleaning agents that don’t leave behind other smells instead – potpourri-scented cleaners just cover up pet smells, not eliminate them!

What Else Kennel Customers Can Focus On Instead?

Removing any unpleasant smells from your kennel can do wonders for your business. Customers can focus on other aspects of your kennel, such as the cleanliness, the attention you give to their dogs, and the lack of any smells, which all indicate that you’re a high-quality kennel that will take good care of their dogs while they’re away. Your customers will be thrilled to know their pets will return to them safe, happy, healthy, and not covered in their own stink – and will lead to more repeat business that translates to better success for your kennel in the long run.

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