Why Do Pet Odors Smell So Bad?

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kitty litter bad smell

For veterinary clinics, grooming businesses, and kennels, it's not always possible to keep the work environment smelling good. Luckily, there are things that we can do to lessen or eliminate the smells that don't belong in our workplace. But first, we need to tackle some of the worst smells and find out what causes them.

Dog Poop

dog poop

Yes, dog poop. Feces from dogs are a major contributor to bad smells around kennels and can smell terrible. Generally, dog poop should carry a mildly noticeable odor; it shouldn't be foul-smelling.

A more pungent smell can be blamed on a poor diet as well as a raw food diet since it takes longer for dogs to digest. However, if a change in diet doesn't improve the smell, it may be an indication of an underlying issue such as a digestive infection, parasites, or irritable bowel syndrome.

Dog Urine

Unfortunately, dog urine is harder to detect because dogs tend to do their business on grass or dirt. However, if you notice that it has a bad odor, its best to observe how the dog urinates and watch out for signs of issues such as:

  • Urinary Tract Infection: This condition generally causes a dog's urine to smell like rotten fish or extremely sour.
  • Kidney Disease: In general, a dog with kidney disease will urinate with a foul, metallic odor.
  • Active Anal Glands: People will often confuse this for foul-smelling urine. However, dogs with active anal glands will often smell like metal, iron, and other materials made of metal.

Cat Poop

Cat feces don't smell nice, either, and there are times when it can smell extremely putrid and strong. However, the causes for a bad scent in cat stools are quite similar to humans. It may be caused by:

  • The food they eat
  • The presence of excess gas
  • Bacteria in the colon
  • Diarrhea
  • Serious health problems

Luckily, foul-smelling stools and diarrhea are temporary occurrences and will often be resolved on their own or easily fixed with a change in diet.

Cat Urine

cat urine

In general, cat urine isn't much different from the urine of other animals, yet people think they have the strongest smells. This is because the urine usually goes unnoticed until it becomes detected. When cats go to mark their territory, they will usually pee outside their litter box.

After some time, bacteria from the environment will decompose the urea, which gives it an ammoniacal odor. During the second stage of decomposition, mercaptans are created, which are responsible for the terrible odor that skunk spray has. Furthermore, male cats will have a stronger urine smell compared to females thanks to the presence of steroids.

Eliminating Pet Odors in the Workplace

Thankfully, Alpha Tech Pet has come up with a revolutionary product that helps contain and remove even the vilest pet smells. Their pet odor remover is an organic, industrial-grade odor remover that helps create a clean and fresh workplace. Whether you work at a vet clinic, a grooming salon, or a dog kennel, you can be sure that your environment stays free from stains and smells.

For more education information contact Tom Bissanti: Tom@AlphaTechPet.com or visit our pet industry education website.

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